Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Radium Woodcarver

...the Home of a Thousand Faces

Rolf Heer carves remarkable figures with his chainsaw!

He began to build his sculptures upward till his home resembled a treehouse.

("no kissing on the lips")

( a drive by shooting, so it's a bit blurry)

This most unusual Home of a Thousand Faces is located in the town of Radium Hot Springs near Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada.  According to Fida Wild, Heer bought a motel in the late 70s and began transforming it with his chainsaw carvings.  His home includes a visitors' gallery/museum.  He even has a meadow on his rooftop where he pastures his goats.

Radium Woodcarver website--about, photos
Unusual Travel Destinations by Fida Wild, who visited Heer and his home, with more photos and information 
more photos by C. Johnson 
a better photo than my last one which shows the meadow on the rooftop --on flickr by susanonline(busy these days)

PS:  Ms Jenny, what do you think of these hand~painted signs?!!

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny, is so much fun!  This week our letter is "W."  My 
submissions cover the words "woodcarver" and "weird."  Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!

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  1. A rooftop goat pasture, too?? Wow, that's pretty amazing.

  2. Wow, that's really unique! I'm cracking up at some of the signs. "Emergency Entrance, Ladies Only." Haha.

  3. These are great! Can't believe the detail created with a chainsaw!! We have an artist here, at a Pumpkin Patch each fall, that creates wooden carvings with a chainsaw, very fun to watch!

  4. fascinating post! I'd love to use this for a future edition of The Woven Tale Press. This next issue is about full but I would keep it on file. To see recent issue go here:

    Email me at referencing this post if interested.

  5. Oh my! He sure has a sense of humor with his signs!! It's amazing, though, what he can do with a chainsaw!

  6. Wow! He is fantastic and love the sense of humor.


  7. how great! Love the carvings, and his lightposts! {:-D

  8. I've seen bear figures being carved with a chainsaw at the local fairs....interesting carvings♫ My W:

  9. I like it! How great that he is able to share his creativity and I like his signs--funny!

  10. We've been through Radium many times and I have missed this. Maybe I was sleeping! :)
    The Kootenay is full of eccentric characters, and this must be one of them.

  11. What an interesting character the artist must be!


  12. Incredible! I do love that first quote of his :)

  13. Wow ~ those are some cool faces! Such detail and work. Lovely shots!
    xo Catherine

  14. Would love to meet this artist! Great work and photographs!

    Have a lovely week!

  15. Oh, when you see something so unique like this...makes you just want to squeal like a little girl☺

  16. my favorite is the "small" stump in the second picture. (in fact, I have a stump in the backyard that would look very nice chainsawed into a kindly face.) perfect and fun post for W!

  17. Very cool. What awesome work. Thanks for coming by and visiting my "W" word!
    I thought my pig with wings was adorable!
    Come by again. Have a good week.

  18. He is without any doubt a great artist ! Beautiful work !

  19. AMAZING what some carvers can do with a chain saw!

  20. Wow!!!

    This is so neat... It really makes me Want to go to Canada just to see this Wild Wood carvings...

    Wonderful job on the letter W...

    Thanks for linking!


  21. Cool carvings! I'd love to see that in person someday.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Silly Squirrel Photo


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