Thursday, January 14, 2010

special gifts

because they were all hand~made!

a beautiful little pouch contains all the other hand~made items!

A heart, hair clips, bracelet, necklace, wrist/hair tie~all Christmas gifts for my two beautiful twin goddaughters!
The lovely pouches were made by Lynn of Woodly Creations. 
I must attest that they are beautifully constructed!  Do go check out her wonderful little bags!
The sweet little hand needle felted woolen hearts were custom made for me by Nikki of Moon Dog Farm.
(who by the way is moving her felted items to Moon Dog Felts.  She sells felting kits in the first shop.  (I didn’t show it in these photos, but there is a different design on the reverse side of the hearts—a spiral.)

The cute cupcake and bee hair clips were made by Simply Smiss, who, by the way, gives 10% of her sales to benefit the monthly charity of Etsy for Animals.  Do go check out her shop right now because she is having a sale!

Ruthie, of Rose Works Jewelry,custom made the hemp bracelets in yellow which is the twins’ favorite color.  She added beads of green and pink.  They’re perfect because they tie on and so will accommodate their growing wrists.  (Right now they are 4 ½ !)  Ruthie makes the most lovely woven bead jewelry, but you must go to her shop to see!
Athena, of Miss Millificent's World, makes the most delicious cakes and pies!  She says, “I was trained as a cake decorator at age eighteen.  After years of making cakes for friends and family, I got a job as a store cake decorator.”  But these bakery sweets aren’t edible!  They’re for wearing!  Yes, that’s true!  They are intricately and wonderfully made of polymer clay.  Since they came with a ring attached and ready to be pendants, I then wove necklaces of ribbon and added a clasp.  They turned out great and the girls were enthralled.  (PS:  Athena is very creative and makes so many wonderful things besides sweets, that you really must go see for yourself.)

Lastly, I made ties for either wrist or hair—very versatile!  My friend Virginia crocheted the flowers.  I added beads and vintage buttons.  Then I sewed them to ribbon, tying the ends in a knot so they wouldn’t fray.  There are more in my shop Sparkly Park.

I loved giving all this hand~made goodness!  So much love and care went into the making of them.  They are unique and personal.   Truly a joyful experience to give.

PS:  My purchase was Woodly Creations’ 1000th sale!  So she included this cute little pouch as a gift!  Thanks, Lynn!  

photos by me and individual shop owners © 2009 & 2010


  1. Everything is so pretty and very well made. I'm trying to resist until I finish paying off the holidays. I really like your ties.

  2. You've made me smile, as I can feel your joy and pride!

  3. I love Handmade! I try to give as many handmade gifts as I can when it comes to the Holidays and Birthdays.

  4. All your picks are wonderful! It always amazes me that there are so many talented creative folks out there.

  5. Ah, the necklaces turned out so pretty! You're a great godmother. :)

  6. what a nice combination of hearts and loving! Those pouches are crazy! {:-D

  7. I'm glad you like your hair clips! Even better that they were a gift! Makes me feel good that someone thought enough of my clips to give them as a gift! Thank you for including me in your blog post! :)

  8. Such lovely gifts from wonderfully talented artisans! Love that cute little doggy pouch too!

  9. Thank you again for buying from me - and for putting me in such a wonderful blog post!

  10. What a neat site you have here!!!
    I'm on Etsy, too but I never even saw any of these shops until I visited your site.
    I found you through a google alert for "Bee Joyful".
    I'm busy now visiting all your stores.
    Congratulations on your blog site. It's great!

  11. Lots of great finds!
    Love the hair clips :)

  12. What a happy assortment of items! Those are wonderful, and I really love the felted heart.

  13. I love the little pouches! But all the picks are beautiful!


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