Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for the love of animals!

Meet Sharla, whose love of animals has compelled her to promote and donate to animal causes.  Let's start with her wonderful BLOG where she features her furry felines Angel (left) and Isabella (right). 

and her canine companion Sadie, who love to assist with all her enterprises, be it testing products, snoopervising product making and packaging, or general help around the house.  Her blog exudes warmth and a deep love of animals.  HERE you can see the purrfessional toy testers hard at work.

"Since Mommy started making and selling jewelry on Etsy, she's contributed $1,200 from her BeadedTail sales to animal and human charities. Contributing to charity was the reason she opened her shop so we're thankful to her customers for helping her help charities!" say the furry ones.

Recently, Sharla donated 100% of profits from her May sales to help Chintimini Wildlife Center, an Oregon organization which rehabilitates injured and orphaned native wildlife (average 700 per year) and offers wildlife classes. 

"We're making tails wag one bead at a time!"  and now for Sharla's shop!
Here are just a couple of the wonderful earrings she makes for cat and dog lovers:


Sharla's mother Sheri, makes cute cat  and dog collars which are also sold in the shop.

an etsy blogger interview with Sharla
SHOP  earrings, bracelets, necklaces, collars
Sharla is the featured etsy blogger of the month of June!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a favorite toy (by Oliver)

I love my catnip jelly bean SO much, and it has been hiding under an armoire for way too long, that and my other jelly beans and puff balls.  FINALLY, after lying on my side and poking and poking my long arms under various pieces of furniture, my pet FINALLY got a long stick and fished out my favorite toys.
I love to grab my jelly bean and roll around with it.  

I love to hug it.

I love to flip it and roll on it. 

I love to stretch out my paws for it.

This is the best toy ever! 
 You, too, can have your own jelly bean(s)!  This is where mine came from:  Casbah Kitten.  Rita and her furry helpers (toy testing and snoopervising) jane and Alice make all kinds of wonderful toys for kitties and dogs.   Go see! 
This post is for the meme Cats on Tuesday published by Gattina.  Go to Gattina's BLOG to see more cats or to link up yourself.

photos by me © 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

a treasured grandma

One year ago today, a special light left this world, and left us with dark holes in our hearts. Yet from the sadness deep within, we recognize the love and beauty of a life well lived that was shared with us so graciously.  Our hearts are sworn forever to share this love with others.  Could there ever be a more wonderful grandmother than Grandma Cherry?

A grandmother has a lovely way
of bringing joy to every day
by finding thoughtful things to do
to show the love she has for you . . .
(poem found online, unattributed)

The two grandparents who were alive when I was born, died when I was very young.  I never fully enjoyed the "grandparent experience."  But I was blessed to see the relationship between my mother and my children as it grew and developed over the years.  Oh how my kids adore their Grandma!
Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies. 
~Author Unknown

This epitomizes Grandma Cherry.  She was always thinking up fun things to do, giving little "treasures," and making home-made cookies.  YUM!  (She was known for her cookies which were plentiful!)  She was full of love and fun. 
Our hearts rejoice that we had this treasured person in our lives for so longWe can only hope to live up to her legacy
Her creed:
love the people you love
be content
have fun!
Cherry  Pie early photos
Cherry Pie photo at age 6; origin of her name
a great poem
This is for the etsy bloggers' carnival which will be published on Monday, June 7 on Joey and Aleethea's BLOG
photo by me © 2010