Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here are a few random photos from a trip to Oregon in the past...

hiking around a lake in Redmond or Three Sisters area

As we approach Crater Lake we can see smoke from fires in the distance.

Crater lake detail

Crater Lake is phenomenonally blue!  The blue light of sunlight can travel to great depths.  There it causes the electrons in water molecules to vibrate and re-radiate light in blue wavelengths. This amazing blue light that seems to glow is what we see.  Because of the fires and smoke in the area, the blue was not as vibrant.  I'm showing you 2 photos near the water's edge where the blue is pretty brilliant.

beautiful Oregon coast

(Oh blogger, you are messing with my photos again!  This last photo is weird, but I'm leaving it.  I hope you, my dear readers, get some sense of a lovely sunset.)

past post on Oregon coast

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Saturday, February 22, 2014


How about a little color to remind us that color does actually exist in the world?!

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Friday, February 21, 2014


North America has had so much snow this Winter!  Cincinnati so far (and Winter isn't over yet!) has had its fifth snowiest Winter on record.  The record is 53.9, which fell in the Winter of 1977-78.  So far we've had 44 inches.  11.2 inches is the average for an entire Winter!

This is my backyard on a snowy day.  See the creek?  It looks like a hook or a J on its side.  It subsequently got covered entirely.

another backyard shot on a sunny day.  It's been colder and sunnier than usual as well.  Our Winters are normally warmer and very gray.  I realized that I can handle cold if it's sunny.  It's the dreary, dark days that are difficult.
There's a squirrel's nest in the middle of the photo near the right.

close up of squirrel's nest.

caveat:  Our weather--and that includes snow--is measured at the airport which is in Kentucky!  That's south of us.

CNN article on 6 US cities close to their record snows (Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York) 
snowy days (1)
snowy days (2)

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


random photos from 2 visits to Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio

the edge of Hoffner Park

We ate at Melt.  yum!

Play while you eat.  This is how we found the board waiting for us.

Aung San Suu Ky (Thanks, Duni!) 

Northside is a small community of traditional, classic, and eclectic...everything.


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a (very good) helper

Oh boy!  It's organize the files time!
I'm so talented at holding them down for you, aren't I?  It's my special gold medal technique!

Oh, so these are old store accounting papers you want to shred...

Then I'll just guard these book club lists.  I know you want to keep them. 

I'm such a very good helper, aren't I?  I sure deserve some treats for all this very difficult and exacting work!

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The Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann


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Friday, February 14, 2014


kitty on train in playground in Phoenix, Arizona 

part of the playground 

coming home to snowy Cincinnati after a December trip to (only a little bit warmer) Arizona

aaahhhh....nothing like a warm toasty fire on a cold Winter day!

all except #2 are iPhone photos. 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Driving along snow covered roads on a late January wintery afternoon, the sky was alight with glorious color.

downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on a snowy January night

The lights inside the Aronoff theater twinkle in the palacious windows through which the buildings beyond are visible.

The light of day fades into soft pinkness outside my front door.

These are all iPhone photos taken in January this year.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Secret Santa

Somekitty was very busy snoozing away when a special package arrived in the mail.

Something was SO intriguing about this package, Oliver even tried to squeeze his chubby muscular body into the skinny box!

"What is it?  There MUST be something for me!"

TO:  Oliver

From:  Angel & Isabella

(Puuurrrr!  two she kitties I greatly admire!)

excitement!  catnip toys!!!

After this discovery, Oliver becomes a ball of blur!

"Oliver, Let's see what else our Secret Santa sent!"


just one more round with my new peppermint!"

"Oh look!  There's a card with a kitty who looks just like Earnest!  and some of your favorite tea!  and beautiful papers so you can make lovely backgrounds for photos of me!  and ....

I totally believe this!"
"That's a very special journal that Sharla made, Oliver!  She sells them in her etsy shop, so lots of peoples can know all about the love of wonderful animals like you."

"I love my new catnip toys and all this special crinkly paper!"


Thanks, Sharla!

PS:  I am NOT a gray kitty!  We tried over and over and over and over to upload a photo of me, and blogger is being quite silly and uncooperative!

PPS:  The Blogging Business Artisans etsy team had a Secret Santa exchange back in December.  Sharla of Beaded Tail sent me this wonderful package!  It included great kitty toys from Pacific Cat Toys.  Sharla makes lovely jewelry as well as journals and part of the proceeds goes to help animals.  Her two kitties, Angel and Isabella help her.  You can enjoy their antics on her blog

photos by me © 2013    all rights reserved