Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for the love of animals!

Meet Sharla, whose love of animals has compelled her to promote and donate to animal causes.  Let's start with her wonderful BLOG where she features her furry felines Angel (left) and Isabella (right). 

and her canine companion Sadie, who love to assist with all her enterprises, be it testing products, snoopervising product making and packaging, or general help around the house.  Her blog exudes warmth and a deep love of animals.  HERE you can see the purrfessional toy testers hard at work.

"Since Mommy started making and selling jewelry on Etsy, she's contributed $1,200 from her BeadedTail sales to animal and human charities. Contributing to charity was the reason she opened her shop so we're thankful to her customers for helping her help charities!" say the furry ones.

Recently, Sharla donated 100% of profits from her May sales to help Chintimini Wildlife Center, an Oregon organization which rehabilitates injured and orphaned native wildlife (average 700 per year) and offers wildlife classes. 

"We're making tails wag one bead at a time!"  and now for Sharla's shop!
Here are just a couple of the wonderful earrings she makes for cat and dog lovers:


Sharla's mother Sheri, makes cute cat  and dog collars which are also sold in the shop.

an etsy blogger interview with Sharla
SHOP  earrings, bracelets, necklaces, collars
Sharla is the featured etsy blogger of the month of June!


  1. Angel, Isabella and Sadie thank you so much for this pawesome feature! Of course I do too! You are very sweet Margaret and I appreciate your kind words!

  2. what a great feature! very cute!

  3. Lovely! Very creative and artistic!

  4. Beaded Tail is such fun. Nice post!

  5. Well deserved - aren't they lovely, and such a good cause.

  6. I love Sharla, her art work, and her furbabies!

  7. We all love Sharla, Isabella, Angel, and Sadie! And they make gorgeous jewelry too.

    P.S. Glad you saw the daylily post - I thought about your avatar when I was taking the orange daylily photo!

  8. Hi Margaret, Just stopping by to say HELLO and to wish you and your family a wonderful 4th of July...

    Looks like you are staying very busy.... Love all of your 'babies'...


  9. LOVE the beads!! Her pets are so cute :)

  10. What cute pets, I love Isabella's green eyes!


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