Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nanjo Dogz

Nancy creates the most wonderful polymer clay beads!   Visit her shop NanjoDogz to see her amazing doggie beads.

This is a Pandora style hand sculpted Westie.  (I'm featuring it as a tribute to my friends who LOVE Westies!)

Here is a light brown and white beagle.

I couldn't resist showing you this cute basset hound, aptly named "Your Majesty Little Toes." "She wears a little silver crown on her head and in the center of her crown there is an amber Swarovski crystal."


Nanjo Dogz "features polymer clay Pandora beads, sculpture, pendants, tiles, beads and more with our main concentration on the dog in various breeds. Although our main focus is on dog related creations, we also create various other critter beads. We have a variety of whimsical and unique items."

Nancy also writes a blog about her beautiful creations.  You can find it HERE.   

Nancy is the featured etsy blogger for the month of May.  Etsy bloggers' team rocks!  Come check it out!

photos by Nancy © 2011


  1. Wow. Somebody made those? What amazing crazy talent!

  2. These are just so adorable!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing a happy birthday for my boy :-)

  3. Lovely beads! I love them! off to visit her shop ;)

  4. Thye are adorable Pandora beads! Thanks for the link!

  5. Those are adorable, I especially love the beagle!! :)

  6. Nancy has the cutest little doggie beads! I enjoyed visiting her shop!

    As for your comment on my "summer colors" post, you guessed right that it's for carrying something -- but what and how?? You'll see soon! :D

  7. Great beads. I love the basset hound.

  8. Those beads are adorable. I went over to her site to look around, she has the cutest Boston Terrier today.


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