Thursday, December 1, 2011

Desert Scenes: Fish Creek Canyon

exploring Fish Creek Canyon near Phoenix, Arizona...
sky growls overhead
rocky road winds on and on
adventure awaits
Fish Creek

red rock so dotted
with spiny sage green prickles
kiss speckled blue sky
jaunty white petals
with cheery yellow centers
swaying breezily

I'm so happy Ms Jenny has decided to do another round of Alphabe-Thursday! This is such a fun meme!  Thank you, Ms Jenny!  Come and join in the fun!  You will be charmed and even enlightened in a delightful way!  See more entries HERE. This week our letter is "D." 

photos by me © 2009
haiku by me © 2011


  1. What a lovely spot! It really looks like a wonderful place to explore.

  2. great pictures I would love to visit sometime

  3. Just beautiful. I love the "kiss-speckled blue sky."


    This was an interesting read! I feel like we got to know you a little better.


    My post: Divine Nature

  4. Lovely place. Lovely words. Lovely images. Hope you have a lovely week!! :)

  5. Beautiful photos! I really love the one of the daisies! :)

  6. Gorgeous photos as always! Once again, you've made me really want to take a trip out west.

  7. Very pretty place to explore! It looks like it's hundreds of miles from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.

  8. I should have known you'd choose desert for your 'D' post. lol Great pictures!

  9. Makes me want to get out and take a walk (if it wasn't 12 degrees out!)
    I used to visit Arizona often and miss my time there!

  10. Beautiful! I don't think I have ever been there and I grew up in Phoenix.

  11. Lovely descriptions to go with lovely photos...I really like visiting Arizona and would love to return (take a break from Wisconsin winters in February or March!) - maybe someday. Your scenery is such a dramatic change from we are used to up here. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I am now your newest follower. I found you on Judie's site. Wonderful blog!

  13. what beautiful photos!I hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

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  14. Good photos of this extraordinary place.

  15. I don't think I know this canyon, but it looks like high clearance access so I doubt I'll get there!

    I love your spare and delicious descriptions of the area. This was an absolutely delightful link.

    Arizona is such a land of extremes...the water and the cactus, the decorative frill of the flowers against the hardscape rock striations.

    Just absolutely lovely.

    Thank you for sharing this.



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