Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miniature Garden: a Challenge

My Blogging Business Artisans team on etsy hosts a monthly Challenge.  You don't even have to be a team member to participate!  The idea is to be inspired to create!

This month, Jenny of A Bird in the Hand Art gave us the following Challenge:
Create anything summer-related, love-related, and/or GREASE (the movie) related.

I've been inspired by miniature or fairy gardens.  I attempted to create a little scene in a rectangular pot that hugs the railing of my deck.  It was challenging and fun!  

Wander up the stone pathway.  Twist the knob of glass and enter into this little dwelling by opening the door made of bark and pieces of raspberry cane.

It's a great day for a picnic!  Journey to the High Stone where you can spread out your feast for two.  
(The picnic basket was made of bark and grapevine and hot glued together.  The plates are little pieces of bark cut in circles.  The blanket was made from a scrap of cloth and the squares were colored with a red sharpie.  I may cover this in something like polyurethane or perhaps clear nail polish to make it more weather resistant.)

In the late afternoon, perhaps you will climb the stone steps and sit on the bench overlooking the valley below.  
(The bench was made out of grapevine hot glued together.)

Before you turn in for the night, check to see if the baby birds have left the nest.
(The birdhouse was made of pieces of bark glued together.  The perch is a piece of grapevine.  The fence is made of raspberry canes around which I twisted copper wire.  The copper will eventually weather and turn darker giving a more natural look.)

I've been collecting miniature/fairy garden ideas.  Come over to my Pinterest board and see what I've found!

Intrigued by our team challenge?  Come on over to our BBA team BLOG and see what others have made!  Create something yourself that fits the theme and link up!   

QUESTION:  What inspires you to create?     

photos by me © 2012  all rights reserved 


  1. I LOVE your miniature garden!! My granddaughter would love this, too. So cute!
    Such detail!

  2. When you said Grease, I thought BIRDFEEDER!

  3. Okay, this is seriously cute :) I love the path to the fairy door and the little fence with copper wire. Great take on this challenge!

  4. Very summery, and so creative~! I love this :)

  5. The mini garden is adorable. I wish I had a green thumb but I kill everything. Maybe I can handle a mini garden?

  6. Wow - what fun! So many cute little details! Great job!

  7. Love it! One of our favorite movies is Tinkerbell and this is a wonderful idea!

  8. Such an adorable little garden! Yup, I can totally picture those fairies living there. Adorable!
    xo Catherine

  9. I love the little scene. It's so cute! {:-D

  10. Wow- that's got to be the most creative answer to a challenge I've seen! How cool to create with things of the earth in your very own garden:)

  11. Totally adorable! I love little fairy gardens -- you need a few mushrooms for them to sit on and sleep under!

  12. This is so adorable, Margaret! Beautifully done all around, and of course you did a great job photographing it, too. Who wouldn't want to join that little world?

  13. spectacular!! the details show your love of craft...

  14. How wondrously whimsical! Any fairy would be lucky to live there.

  15. This is a wonderful interpretation of the July challenge! Your little door reminds me of the door in a Hobbit house. Really love what you've done!


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