Thursday, January 24, 2013


jag' ged
>with rough, sharp points protruding
>marked by irregular projections and indentations on the edge or surface 
>having ragged notches, points, or teeth; zigzag
>having a sharply uneven edge or surface
jaggy - toothed - indented - ragged - dentate - rugged

All jagged photos below were taken in the Superstition Mountains and at the Aviation Museum on a recent trip to Arizona.

Superstition Mountain from Lost Dutchman State Park 
The Superstition Mountains are located in the Sonoran Desert east of Phoenix.  The main peak is 5057 feet (1541 meters).  This photo shows the volcanic rock formations on the western end.   The mountain is an old and inactive "super volcano."  Lost Dutchman is named after a most famous lost gold mine.

The Aviation Museum has 2 hangers full of planes as well as planes outside.  Featured are planes from WWI to the Vietnam War.  One can even takes rides in some of them! 

Lost Dutchman State Park 
Superstition Mountain 
photos and hiking map of Superstition Mountain 
Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing Aviation Museum 

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photos by me © 2012


  1. Great shots, Margaret! I especially love the first one and the one of the cacti!

  2. Love the rock formation in the third photo! I don't think I'd like to fall against that cactus! Ouch!!

  3. hmmm--looks vaguely familiar! hahahah! if you really want to see some mountains, go to tucson. thanks for the nice note!

  4. Awesome! I really must go out west at some point!

  5. I remember seeing the Superstition Mountains when I was younger. The museum would be cool!

  6. I love this "J" post! Beautiful photos, as usual!

  7. love the mountains in the southwest. Looks like beautiful weather too! {:-D

  8. that first pic brings back memories of y own trip to Arizona tears ago. Nice.

  9. Those are indeed some jagged rocks!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  10. gorgeous photos. i love the ones of the mountains. doesn't it look like something from a fantasy story! like a fortress within the rock formation? wonderful j post.

  11. great photos! love the jagged rocks especially..

  12. Superstition Mountains... that'd make me nervous! ;)

  13. Great photos!! I lived in Arizona and always loved the look of the Superstition Mountains, great shot of it!

  14. Superstition Mountains sounds so... eerie. Yet I'm intrigued.

  15. My friend lives near the Superstition Mountains - your shots are wonderful.

  16. Oh the infamous Lost Dutchman... The Superstitions are absolutely beautiful...

    Great Job for the letter J...

    Thanks for linking.


  17. Hi again!

    Such an interesting *J* post – apologies a bit late!

    Have a great Alphabe-Thursday and weekend too,

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday


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