Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sunny day

The sun is shining and Oliver is napping in the window.
This was a favorite spot of Earnest's.  I've seen Oliver here only once before and that was recently.


The sun has been elusive lately; the sensation of warmth feels so wonderful!

sunny window --a post of Oliver and Earnest in that same spot in early February this year.  Oliver is there only because that's where I placed him for this brotherly photo op.

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photos by me today © 2013


  1. Hi Oliver
    It is very nice to meet you. My goodness we could be twins...except I think you are black and white...MOL sometimes I look black to but I'm gray and white. I love your nose freckles.
    hugs madi

  2. Hi there, Oliver! Thank you for stopping by our blog, and for your nice comment. We, too, love lounging in sunpuddles, and it looks like you've found yourself a great one! :)

  3. Aw, maybe Oliver is taking over one of his body's old favorite spots. This is a perfect time of year to start enjoying the sun again. There has been some of that lately here, too!

  4. Hey Oliver! I like those corks you're sun puddling on -- kinda like my cardboard scratcher that I like and mommy thinks I'm silly when I'm sitting on it.

  5. That last photo is so great! I bet Oliver likes to sit there and remember his brother :)

  6. Oliver is such a handsome Mancat! Angel and Isabella still lay on Sadie's pillow and I'm sure it's to remember her like Oliver is remembering Earnest as he lays in his spot.

  7. what on earth are they sitting on? Where did you get all those wine corks? Very cute! {:-D

  8. Such sweet photos. That warm window seat looks pretty tempting. I think I'd like to take a nap there too :).

  9. Awww...look at that sweet face! I agree with Sharla.

  10. I can hear him purring such a nice napping place !

  11. Oliver is beautiful, love that third picture! Very sweet!!!

  12. That looks like such a wonderful sunny place to take a snooze. I hope our sunshine comes soon to melt some of our snow.
    WIshing you a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  13. What a handsome face.
    When Cali died, Harry Potter kept sitting by her spot and then looking around as if he was waiting for her to return.

  14. I love the wine corks that he's napping on. How cute is he so relaxed by the window. Lucky kitty!


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