Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Exploring Tints: a Challenge

My Blogging Business Artisans team sets forth a new Challenge every month.  The purpose is to encourage us to explore our creativity, to stretch our imaginations.  Perhaps we are re-working something we've done in the past or still do.  Perhaps we're making something entirely new.

Linda of Pruitt Creations gives us this Challenge for the month of March: 

Let's explore color in terms of tint.  In color theory a tint is the mixture of a color with white which increases lightness.  We often create with bright color and ignore tints of color.  Create a project with muted tints....

When I'm dyeing fabric, water, not paint, is my medium for creating tints.  I love to play with color!  I'll mix my dyes to create new colors or add varying amounts of water to make lighter tints.  Below are two scrunchies.  One is dyed with full strength of the particular dyes I used, the other with muted colors created by adding specific amounts of water.


For the March Challenge I decided to explore tints with paint.  I got out my acrylics and an ATC size card (2.5" x 3.5") and began.
I'm using a piece of glass for my palette.  These are the original colors.  In my painting I never used one of these colors full strength.  Every one was mixed with varying degrees of white.  Below is the range of colors I used including the colors in their full saturation.
My palette looked like this at the finish:
It was fun playing with color in a medium I rarely use.  I need to play more often!  Thanks, Linda, for a wonderful Challenge!

I swirled and daubed the blue paint, adding more white or blue as the mood struck me.  There is even texture created by the paint (difficult to see in this photograph).

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  1. I like both pieces. I like blending colors, especially with watercolor which is so much harder to control for me.

  2. beautiful colors and gradation of them! You should paint more often!

  3. I had no idea that your dyed silks became their beautiful pastel colors by adding water -- shows how much I know!! Your flower is so happy -- love the blue background! With the swirls of white, the blue looks like the sky and fleeting clouds.

  4. What fun! Love your painting and your scrunchies.

  5. Your scrunchies really show a good example of tint. And I love that you got out the paints :)

  6. Love your flower painting! I agree with Edi, your scrunchies really do show a good example of tint! I've been so busy working on custom orders that I never had the chance to participate in this challenge... I had a couple things in mind too. I may create them anyway! Love challenges, and would love to have more time...


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