Friday, June 13, 2014

droplets of rain

It's been raining so much lately!  The plants are loving it along with lots of thirsty and hungry creatures.
A rain drop nestles in the center of a kalanchoe.

Rain droplets drip from the edges of this not-yet-quite-opened lily.

a convention on Solomon's seal leaves

purple clematis with lime leaves

A daddy long legs traverses a rain splattered field of leaves.

Rain droplets festoon a bevy of crimson lilies.

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny, is so much fun!  This week our letter is  "D." Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!  

Thank you, Ms Jenny, for hostessing another round!

photos by me  © 2014   all rights reserved


  1. what gorgeous shots! love the daddy long legs!

  2. What else can I say about your amzzingly beautiful photos that hasn't been said? I love the Daddy Long Legs. He has a pretty orange color. Mine are grayish brown. Nice post in the summertime. xo Jenny

  3. Amazing shots, Margaret!! Makes me want to go outside and play with my camera.

  4. Beautiful clematis!!! And I love your capture in the first shot!

  5. Yes, wonderful photos, I really like the beauty of detail in the macro, fantastic!

  6. These are spectacular! I like how you describe the droplets on the Solomon's seal leaf :)

  7. Such simple beauty in rain drops!

  8. Beautiful pics. Great little drops for letter D. Thank you for visiting my letter D post.
    Have a great Wednesday,

  9. So much clarity and such vivid colors! Great job with this set.

  10. Gorgeous photos!
    (We could use some of your rain….we're in a drought over here.)


  11. Wow.

    What delightful captures!

    I love the detail in these...

    And they almost (but not quite) make me feel cooler. Triple digits are difficult!

    Thanks for linking.


  12. Love all the pics but the daddy long legs pic is awesome!

  13. Such gorgeous flower photos! Great job.


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