Thursday, October 23, 2014


My Meyer lemon tree bloomed months ago and some of those blooms developed fruit. 
Aah...those blooms are so fragrant! 

There are now 7 green lemons busily ripening.  It takes a l-o-n-g time for this process to happen--about 6 months.  Meyer lemons are self pollinating, and if grown outdoors bees and wind can help.  Indoors, the tree may need some pollination help.  I've never hand pollinated it but may try on the next set of flowers because it will be inside for the winter.

I've had lemons from this tree before and they were so delicious!

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photos by me  © 2014   all rights reserved 


  1. It would be so much fun to grow lemons on your very own tree. Now I'm wondering how one would hand-pollinate?

  2. Lovely shot! I can almost smell the lemony goodness :)

  3. What patience you have, glad you get results with growing lemons♪

  4. How great to have fresh lemons in the middle of winter!

  5. We love our lemon tree, which produces a ridiculous number of lemons all year round. And you're right, the smell is amazing.


  6. Oh how pretty! I've always wondered if those trees really had lemons.

  7. I would love to grow a Meyer lemon tree. The plant is quite attractive and I love the scent of lemons.

  8. hand pollinating? You are ambitious!

    1. I've not done it! But I don't think it's very difficult on a small scale. You use a soft paint brush to transfer the pollen.


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