Thursday, April 23, 2015


more photos from my last vacation...
The I ♥ ARUBA sign was on the beach across from where I was staying.  It was fun to watch people stop by, arrange themselves, and take photos.  One morning, I had a bit of fun taking photos for people.

uummm....what WERE they thinking when they named this business?  (Aruba)

love this sign!  Watch out for the frog men and women crossing the road!  (Bonaire)

Trees are growing through the roof!  (Aruba)

Banana Bus, Aruba  See the frogs on the hood?

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny is so much fun!  This week our assignment is letter "W."  Come see others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!

photos by me © 2015    all rights reserved


  1. Excellent choice of pictures, you made me laugh !

  2. Hysterical!! Um, whoever named the laundromat wasn't paying attention.... Love the banana bus! And how cool that they put holes in the roof instead of cutting the trees down! Very clever signs!

  3. Wonderful photos! I don't think I would leave my laundry there, they might have the dogs or perhaps frogs lick it clean! Bwhaaaaaaa......You added humor to lovely photos. I like that!

  4. the trees through the roof is a funny sight:) Hope you had a good time there!

  5. What a FUN post :)
    Love the banana bus!!

  6. Hahahahahaaaaaa!! Looks like somebody didn't ask for a second opinion before they named their business.

  7. Ahahaha - I love the diver crossing sign! At least, I assume that's what it's supposed to be. I agree that the laundry has a pretty odd name. But I have to say that the building looks much nicer than the local "wahserette" I see next to the Post Office here!

    1. Yes, it's a diver crossing sign. Along this particular road in Bonaire, there are a number of dive/snorkeling sites. But you have to park on the other side of the road and then cross over to get to them.

  8. People in Aruba must have a great sense of humor. I love the trees growing through the roof. My fantasy house is built around a tree.

  9. This is so colorful... feels like you had a lot of fun, and why not it is a vacation!!!! Yeahh!!!

  10. these are great pics! Love that scuba sign, and the banana bus!

  11. Whimsical is a terrific word for this post...thanks for the day brightener♪


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