Friday, December 4, 2015

random cool things

Whooo doesn't like owls?!  (farmers, perhaps)
These super cute owl cookies made an appearance on the etsy blog in a story by Heather Baird.

Click this LINK to get the recipe and directions.  While you're there, discover a very cool Thanksgiving tradition in Heather's family.
(Did you know my hubby and I helped re-nest 3 baby barred owls a few years ago?  Re-nesting & Baby Owl #2 )  

Want to know how popular your name (or kids' or friends' or...) was in the years from the 1880s to 2014?  Of course you do!   WARNING:  This is addicting!  Go directly to Baby Name Wizard Voyager and begin typing away!

NameVoyager: Explore baby names and name trends letter by letter

Current rank:
Names starting with 'MARGARET' per million babies
per million births

(unfortunately, the graph is not showing up when the blog is posted)

Moose Roots (names) is another cool name search site that even includes last names. This site has links to the meaning and origins of names as well as lots of other data.  Go explore!  Moose Roots .com itself is a genealogy research site.    

draw like Picasso
picasso head --click on the CREATE button and "draw" a face.   Save it to the gallery.
Picasso Head

just for fun!
Snowboarding Bird video

What cool random things have crossed your path recently?

other name links:
google search Moose Roots trendy names
trendiest baby names
15 trendy baby names
Do you know any small children with these trendy names?  I do!

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  1. That crow looks like it's having so much fun! Love the owl cookies. Thanks for sharing these random things!

  2. Love the random things! Birds can be so playful! My guineas liked to sky down the porch rail. lol

  3. That name popularity search confirmed what I already knew - that there aren't many people in this country with my name! For my birth decade it said 72/million, which almost seems a little high. =p I was in 3rd grade before I met someone with the same name as me! I've only ever personally known three other Natashas in my whole life.

  4. Love the owl cookies! My name isn't popular over here, but it is in Slavic countries. Must check out the Moose.roots :)

  5. The name voyager tracks only US names. I haven't looked extensively at Moose Roots, but I know that at least some areas of the site include other countries.

  6. Cool stuff. And those cookies are adorable.


  7. Those cookies are too cute! I'd hate to eat them, or at least I'd have to take some pictures before I do. I'm going to check out the picasso head now. Looks like fun.


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