Wednesday, July 20, 2016


common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

Beautiful, fragrant flowers abound on the common milkweed plant!  This plant is most associated with being nectar food for the larvae of monarch butterflies, but is also enjoyed by a host of pollinators.
The numbers of monarchs have drastically fallen in the last 10+ years.  Its caterpillars depend solely on milkweed for food.  And milkweed is being destroyed due to herbicide spraying both by homeowners as well as farmers on genetically engineered crops.
Deforestation due to illegal logging and environmental factors has reduced the acres of available over-wintering sites for the butterflies that make it to Mexico.

Washington Post article about the destruction of monarchs
monarch population chart (scientific study)
Center for Biological Diversity
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center explore

milkweeds (Asclepias--There are >140 species):
common milkweed
swamp milkweed
butterfly weed

Consider planting one or more of the beautiful milkweed plant varieties in your yard!

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(This photo was taken at the Cincinnati Nature Center where there is a small "milkweed forest" at the Herb Wall.)


  1. Yes!!!! We gotta keep our pollinators healthy and happy. <3

  2. I didn't realize monarchs are declining. =( We were lucky enough to see a lot of them in West Virginia! There are always plenty of butterflies there because there is plenty of natural habitat. =)


  4. I didn't know monarchs were declining? but you are right - plant milkweed then!

  5. So intricate! I've sown milkweed seeds to try and grow the plant at altitude with no luck.

    1. I have heard they are very difficult to grow from seeds. The directions say to put the seeds between layers of slightly damp paper towels. Place that inside a plastic baggie and then put the baggie in the refrigerator for at least a month.

  6. Pretty! I haven't seen this flower in my area.


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