Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ode to Bread

ODE: a lyric poem
BREAD: created from a tiny seed sown in the earth
nurtured by sunlight, air, and water.
risen from flour, water, and fire.

My son and I were in the Dayton, Ohio area searching for lunch, when we happened upon this gem of a bakery.

Boosalis on Springboro Pike

This little heart is lavosh, Armenian cracker bread, and the "stalk" is about 15" long.

Matthew, the owner and baker extraordinaire, offered up sample after sample of his wonderful creations. I don't believe I have ever tasted a better croissant. The cranberry walnut bread was amazing.

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photos taken by me--©2009


  1. What a great hard to find good bakeries these days...and ur photos are great...

  2. Oh this post is making me so hungry. we don't have any bakeries here anymore. I miss that!

  3. Oh My, those look WONDERFUL! I love a good, quality pastry...


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