Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Sinclair from NatureWithMe has honored me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you! We do not know from whence this award originates, but it is fun to share some bloggy love. And it is lovely to be appreciated. So forth from me this award will go to four others whose creativity I enjoy (and you can, too):





How this works: You can state 6 things you are thankful for and pass this award on to others. Keep the badge for your blog if you wish.
I am thankful for much more than 6 things, but here are some: people I love, a happy life, good things to eat, fun things to do, wonders to see, and you (my reader), of course

Sinclair, in her blog Nature With Me, writes of the natural world around her, of getting back to basics with her family. She writes of home remedies, recycling, compost, sustainability, and enjoying artistic expression through handmade goods. Her most recent undertaking is the revitalization of a greenhouse on her property. I highly recommend her very informative blog.


  1. you're on, deserve it :)

  2. Thank you! There is a craft night nearby that I sometimes attend as well - it's fun to meet up with folks to create. So many interesting people and projects.


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