Friday, March 13, 2009

my blogging spot

This one's for Elsie!
OK, Elsie, here it is! My husband and I share an office in a room in our house. In the last photo, my desk is on the right. His desk is on the left and you can only see part of it. There are fun things in this room--photos and memorabilia from various vacations along with random ephemera.

On February 23, Elsie posted a photo of her blogging spot. See it here!   If you read the comments on this post you can get links to others' blogging spots.

The original idea comes from Lillipilli at Frocs and Frou Frou. <  See her post here!
(Scroll down a little and then check out the comments for more blogging spots!)

To paraphrase the words of Elsie...
So fellow bloggers do you dare...? Show me where you blog (and how it really looks-- NO artful staging or mood lighting please)! 

Check out Lilli's original post and Namaste's post. Then post a comment with the link to your blog post here and I will pass it on to Elsie who will pass it on to Lilli - who is in Australia and wants to see how far this can go!

whew! have fun!

photos taken by me ©2009


  1. I LOVE the photo booth strip of who I assume are you and your hubby!! so sweet! thanks for playing along!!

  2. Yes, the strip is of me and my husband long ago when we were first married. The photo in the right corner is a baby photo of my cousin Rick who died on his birthday in July 2007.

  3. What a great set up you have where you can see memories everywhere! I enjoyed seeing your "space"!

  4. love those shelves on the wall. I need to do that! Maybe another honeydo...

  5. Yes, I too like to look of your workspace...and the shelving...

    HoneyDo lists are great, ONLY iF you can get the Honey to Do... Story...LOL


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