Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"Laughter is an instant vacation!"   ~ Milton Berle

And with that quip, I will attempt to answer the most pressing questions for our etsy bloggers' carnival:  
What is the best vacation you've ever had?
answer:  the one I'm on right now, or the one I just had, or the one I'm about to take.
Of all the places in the world, where would you like to go and why?
answer:  Oh now, don't get me started!  I want to go everywhere!  Why?  I have an explorer's heart.

Let's start at the beginning.  Once, a long (long, long) time ago, I was a small child.  My parents packed up the car and took my brother and me to the sea.  Oh the sea!  to roll in the sand and play in the waves!  pure joy!  I will always love the sea.

Then I grew up and moved West (west of where I grew up, that is) to Indiana.  While on a business trip to Arizona, my husband and I went to the Grand Canyon and points farther west.  The Canyon was glorious in the  April Spring!  Snow was falling from the sky onto our winter coats and then melting part way down the canyon.  It was magical and I was hooked.  A few years later, and every summer thereafter, we packed up the car and took our kids out West.  We camped under the stars, ate sandwiches while standing knee deep in a river, hiked through verdant forests, and EXPLORED!  Oh how I love exploring!  And it's wonderful blessing to share new experiences with my husband and children.

Where will the path take me?  What's around the next bend?   What discoveries will be made?  What delights will be seen?

This is for the etsy bloggers' carnival which will be published by Handmade By Sandi on Monday, March 1.
1st photo--Idaho
2nd photo--Montana
hot fun in the summertime! --memories and photos of childhood at the beach
Summertime...back in the day --memories and photos of childhood summer vacations
photos © 2009


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in your journeys :) I love to explore too!

  2. I absolutely love the pictures! I love to explore myself as long as there's a bathroom nearby!

  3. I wish we did more traveling than we do. We committed to driving from Texas to Florida to take the kids to Disney World this May. I just booked it last week and I'm SO excited to take the vacation!

  4. You're so brave to camp out and go exploring. I like to explore nature but come bedtime I'm a hotel kind of gal myself! :D

  5. Lovely photos! I enjoy exploring too and would do more if I could take all the furbabies with me since I worry about them when I leave them at home. Guess we just need to get a motor home!

  6. What a wonderful way to explore the West, camping under the stars and exploring. I love to explore everything, everywhere.

    I was looking a the first photo from Idaho. We are exactly one hundred miles from the Idaho border and still haven't been there. Maybe that should be our next vacation!


  7. Very strange! I was going to post a comment on the post above this one and it won't let me. I get a message saying 'unable to process your request', yet this one works fine.

  8. Wonderful, and what lovely photos!

  9. Great post! I also love to explore and I look forward to more trips with the kids (when they remember). i have really great memories of trips with my parents and brother and hope for the same with my kids....

  10. What lovely pictures! I do love exploring new places- whether it was nature or city!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I used to love exploring, but as I age, I find that I am not as adventureous. So, I love seeing everyone's pictures of the outdoors and where they have been! Thanks for your post!

  12. I traveled around the US alot when I was a child, but the one place I never went to and hopefully will get to one day is the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful experience to sleep under the stars and enjoy nature's beauty.


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