Thursday, February 18, 2010


"I have loved art ever since my first Crayola. Drawing and painting were my primary mediums until my college years. I did study art history and still created during college, but as things got busier art fell off to the side. Canvas will always remain a dream and passion, but creating with fabric has been absolutely wonderful...beyond my expectations. Someday I hope to combine the two."

TiLT, Theresa, is a member of the etsy bloggers' team, and is this month's featured artist!  Besides having 2 etsy shops, TiLT Creations and Tilt Too! (filled with destash fabric, patterns, and supplies),  she also has an artfire shop.

Theresa is a stay at home mom with 2 sons, one a teenager, one small.  When she's not chasing after them, she loves to paint, create, sew, and cook. 
But this is not all!  She has 3, yes 3 blogs!
Crafts, Kids, home, and Life
TiLT's Creations
TiLT Treasures

Did you actually think she would stop there?!
Theresa is a Proud team member of: Etsymoms, Etsybloggers, Micetsy, Carried Away Bags (CAB) and Big Damn Crafters (BDC)
you can also find her on
her website
photos ©  by TiLT


  1. What a pretty post...Mom loves the first purse with the lovely dots...
    Madi and mom

  2. Nice post. I do like her new backpacks.

  3. what a lovely bags!! I love the colors :)

  4. Thanks :) I have a bunch of backpacks getting ready to come in to the shop...they are so fun :)

  5. Such lovely bags!

    Sigh...Crayola crayons...what better joy of childhood than a new box of those beautiful colors...mmmm...most enjoyable...


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