Friday, April 23, 2010


The bud is on the bough again,
The leaf is on the tree.
~Charles Jeffreys, 1807-1865, The Meeting of Spring and Summer
Spring, when from the Earth, life bursts forth anew, calls to mind other births I have witnessed.  I remember as a young child, watching, enthralled, as my neighbor's collie gave birth to her puppies.  Later I watched my cats have kittens.  This always seemed such a miracle--new young lives, soft and fluffy, emerging from within an already existing being.
Much later, I witnessed the birth of a friend's child.   And there were my own two children, if witnessing is what you can call what I did.
Being pregnant with my firstborn, a son, was an amazing experience as I felt the life within me stir.  The time of his birth remains a special number to us. 
My daughter was born at home with 2 midwives, an experience over which we still marvel.

This post is for the etsybloggers' street team carnival which asks us to tell of a memorable birthday.  This carnival will be posted on Monday, April 26 on Joey and Aleethea's blog.
Happy Birthday, Sandra!


  1. Those "birth" days are just so special! And they create "special" people--our children! Yay!!!!

  2. Lovely post Margaret! I've never witnessed a birth in real life but would imagine it's magical.

  3. Lovely post and beautiful memories.
    This lily is the perfect flower for these words.

  4. such a thoughtful post! so lovely!

  5. Birth is such an amazing totally overwhelming thing for me! It all still just baffles my mind! Can you tell I don't have kids...LOL!
    Beautiful photo :)

  6. Beautiful memories, lovely flower and beautiful macro.

  7. Those memories are the best you could possibly have!

  8. What a nice post! I don't have children, but I took care of a friend's child while she was having a home birth, so I got to see her new baby directly afterward (she also had me go to the birthing classes, so I saw lots of movies!)

  9. What a beautiful Flower to go with your beautiful memory. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

  10. There is no birthday that rivals those of our own children, is there? I love looking back on those, even while bemoaning how quickly the years have past since then!


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