Thursday, July 29, 2010


fertile, producing abundance,
prolific: a trait that describes Missie well!
look at her wonderful photography
which can be found in her etsy shop, Sykin's NW Wonders, along with jewelry pieces.
Next up is her Sykin's One Stop Twilight Shop where you can find Twilight inspired jewelry and cards.

And then, she even has an Overstock Shop.

You really must check out her BLOG, Sykin's One Stop Etsy Shopping Guide.  Daily, she features some of the wonderful items etsy has for sale.  (A recent favorite is a shop that makes felt food including some delicious-looking rock candy.)
Next up, Fraying Fabric Productions, her graphic design site.

Missie is a member of the following etsy teams: Etsy Bloggers ♦ Etsy Moms ♦ Fabulous Artistic Moms ♦ EtsyRAIN

You can also find her on Facebook and twitter.

Sykin is the featured etsy blogger for the month of July.

photos by Milissa Hodson © 2010


  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful feature!

  2. Great feature! And I love that you posted a picture of her...I love to see the artist behind the creations!

  3. Nice feature as always!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today. It is easy to get caught up in the negative sometimes and at times I need a swift kick to get my mind back where it is supposed to be (focused).

  4. Great feature! It was fun to see her photo too!

  5. That photo of the ocean is beautiful - and so are the earrings!

  6. What a gorgeous photo and I love those little earrings.


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