Saturday, February 19, 2011

Faerie Garden Fancies

Craftoholic Diana, otherwise-known-as Bunnykissd, is proprietress of the etsy shop Faerie Garden Fancies.  In her shop you will find all kinds of goodies to delight the imagination.  "My favorite materials to work with include but are not limited to paper, paint, glue, scissors, polymer clay, pencils, watercolors, camera, and computer."

Look at this cute Jolly S'more Man!

Diana also makes a variety of ACEOs like this one she calls Surprise. 

These black raspberry chocolate earrings come on this cute card.

If you want to know more about Diana, her life, her family, her interests, and her crafts, be sure to visit her blog Diary of a Crazy Rabbit Lady Too.  (If you have some books you'd like to recommend to her, please leave a comment here.)

Bunnykissd is the etsy blogger of the month.  Find out more about the etsy bloggers here.
photos © by bunnykissd 2010 and 2011


  1. Such cute things...and i just love the bunnies on the earring cards :)

  2. Definately think the earrings on the card are great!

  3. Such fun and crafty ideas ~ cute!
    xo Catherine

  4. what a nice post! Can't wait to go over and visit! {:-D

  5. That Jolly S'more makes me yearn for summer time and bon fires :)

  6. You're having a cute day! Nice. hey, guess what? Au is eating!!!!!

  7. The winged rabbit is SO awesome! I'm going to check out her blog now. : )

  8. Thanks for the wonderful feature! I've gotten comments from people saying they came right from here! ^-^ It's been a fun month!


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