Thursday, March 15, 2012


Oh lay on the ground
watching clouds scud across the sky
feel peace and quiet

Oh hear roaring waves
crashing on the sandy shore
feel quiet within

Oh watch the sun dip
down to meet the hungry earth
quietly day ends

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photos and haikus by me © 2012    all rights reserved


  1. I would love to do that right now, but it's still a little too cool !

  2. Wow! I love your 'Quiet' pictures they are beautiful! Oh my gosh, your an artist, too! I am as well! I have a blog so far about my art work at:
    and I am thinking of getting an Etsy shop online. Oh, and thank-you for commenting on my blog: Farm Girl

    Moira (Farm girl)

  3. I feel a little calmer now for some strange reason!

  4. Wow...I could use some quiet right about now! Those photos are truly stunning!

  5. that was lovely. There's something about the roar of the ocean and the quiet it invokes inside. love it!

  6. That last photo is very, very cool.


  7. yes, I love the last, that light is magical, exquisite color, a great shot. Greetings.

  8. beautiful photos! How gorgeous! {:-D

  9. I'd give anything to be there right now! So pretty!

  10. gorgeous shots of "quiet" ... wonderfully written!

  11. Hello.
    Oh how I wish I could be relaxing in some piece & quiet. Lovely photos. My favorite is the sun going down.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    A Quiet Evening

  12. What a quietly beautiful post.

    I loved these pictures and these words.

    I actually sat here and re-read your words while listening to a peaceful little song on my i-pod.

    Thanks for letting my heart relax a little bit today.

    This was really, really quite a lovely link.



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