Saturday, June 30, 2012

Under the Sea

I love the sea!  On the beach, in the water, or under the sea--it's all lovely to me! 

Sint Maarten, NA 

I love the colors of the Caribbean Sea--changing from light aqua to a deep rich midnight blue.  Snorkeling is one of my favorite activities.  Green sea grass undulates in the waves.  And beyond--the coral reefs teaming with colorful fish!
That's precisely what I was thinking when I dyed this scarf for our Blogging Business Artisan Challenge for the month of June. 

I decided to dye silk for this Challenge.  First up--a silk scarf.
  a plain white silk scarf blank

I washed the scarf and soaked it in a solution and then applied the dyes.
I employ a number of different techniques and methods whenever I dye scarves.  I may have a general plan, but I really just follow my intuition as I work.  Above is a detail during the dyeing process.  I painted the colors of the rippling water, added some sea grass, and then later added colorful fishes.  The style is impressionistic overall.


I dyed a couple scrunchies as well.
The scunchie above is silk velvet and reminds me of turquoise waters with currents of darker blue.

This scrunchie is pure silk and is similar to to one above, but with a bit more blue variation and detail.

This was a very fun team Challenge and teammates have come up with wonderful projects.  See more HERE.   This Challenge was conceived of by Erika of Little Andalucia and Artful Rising,
"June begins the anticipation of warmer weather, vacations, and playing on the beach. Create with the theme Under the Sea." 

These items will soon be in my etsy shop.

photos by me © 2007 and 2012    all rights reserved


  1. omg, that photo is stunning and I love your interpretation of it in your scarf! very very pretty!

  2. Your scarf is gorgeous -- reminds me of a Monet painting! And the photo is beautiful -- you should frame it!

  3. Awesome job with this challenge! Your photo is stunning. There is so much depth there with the rich colors, movement of the water, and position of the sails. Your scarf is beautiful, too! I always enjoy learning about the process behind a piece.

  4. Love the finished effect! Reminds me of where the old wave meets the new wave and the 'dust up' that occurs. Beautiful!

  5. that sailboat shot is just fabulous.

  6. Love the sailboat and that blue scarf...

  7. that's gorgeous! I love the way it turned out.

  8. Such beautiful colors! I love how you went about this challenge :)

  9. The scarf is gorgeous! lOve the different colors and the dots/splashes.

  10. How fun to see the process! Your scarf turned out great!

  11. the silk cloth that your dyed for the scarf is beautiful. Great colors! I love the Caribbean too, and the different blues in of the water. So pretty! {:-D


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