Thursday, June 7, 2012

cats are cute

So we want to snap their portraits, natch.
Problem:  How do you get a cat to pose?
"What is it you are expecting of me?"  says Oliver  (to himself:  "If treats are involved, I may grace you with a cursory glance.")

"And now what?  We're very busy checking out the air flowing from this grate."  say Oliver and Earnest

"I have sites to see and smells to smell, but I will stop for a quick snap because I'm a very loving kitty," thinks Huck, the farm cat.

"Oh hi.  We're rather busy.  We were napping you see.  But we'll look up because we love you since you bring us catnip and lots of fun toys.  You play with us a lot, too."  say Bunkie and Tigra (my daughter's kitties)

And now I'll leave you with this very fun kitty, who is oh so charming--Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat
Cat Man Do  film (in case you can't watch it above)

A new round of  Alphabe-Thursday has already started and we're on letter "C"!  Come on over and join in!  This is such a fun meme!  Visit HERE

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  1. So many cute kitties! Great job being models too! We are used to all the tricks so it takes a lot to get our attention now and so far our mommy hasn't figured out what that is! Our mommy laughs so hard at Simon's cat but we just don't get it.

    Angel & Isabella

  2. Great kitty photos. Sometimes I trick my kitty by holding my hand up like I have a treat. I'm such a sneaky mommy.

  3. After looking at these pictures, I have to say that your pussycats are pretty cooperative posers!


  4. What adorable kitties! Huck looks like he belongs on our farm :)
    The kitty video is hilarious!

  5. The only cat posing around my house is Oliver sleeping, which he does 23 hours out of 24! Lots of cute kitties in your family!

  6. Loved the video♫♪ Enjoyed your blog♫

  7. Simon's cat was too funny. I love the floor! {:-D

  8. hahahaha! Great Simon's Cat! LOL! What beautiful kitties! Puurrrrrfect!

  9. We only really do what our cats want us to do. RIght?

    ~Naila Moon

  10. Cats really are so naturally cute aren't they? And when they grace us with their looks we should consider ourselves lucky! :)
    All these kitties are cute cute cute!
    xo Catherine

  11. Tigra? Rally??? WOW! What a name! Your cat photos are excellent, even if they didn't want to pose!!!

  12. Awesome job with this post! It is so true about getting cats to pose. There are so many "I'm just doing this indulge you" cat expressions in photos.

  13. I LOVE Simon's Cat! Langley does that to me every morning...well, shy of hitting me over the head with a bat!! I'm glad your kitties allowed you to take their photos today!

  14. Cats are just natural models, I think. They don't so much pose as live life moving from one elegant attitude to another.

  15. Oliver looks like a mess. I bet he is quite the character.

  16. Love the cat photos! They are beautiful cats.

  17. Your cats are inCredibly cute.

    It is hard to take pictures of them...but I think you've mastered this. Maybe you could put some tuna fish on the camera lense to get a close up!


    I just crack myself up sometimes - ha!

    Thanks for linking!



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