Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sun puddle happiness

by Oliver

Among my many talents is the ability to enjoy sun puddle snoozing!  I recommend finding a puddle that will be good for at least an hour in order to get a good dose of snoozing at one go.  Then stretching and relocating to a better sun puddle is a good move so that the servants hoomans will not think you lazy.

Actually, there is quite a lot of work involved--  adjusting one's body in order to get an adequate amount of sun, yet not too much; stretching one's limbs just so. 

Resting is a much-needed component of one's daily life because of all the services we cats must perform keeping the hoomans company and helping with their daily work, as well as the entertainment value we provide.

I'm linking up with Gattina's fun meme Cats on Tuesday.  Come visit HERE to see more kitties and read about their wonderful antics!

photo by me © 2012    all rights reserved


  1. A lovely picture. I look at it and feel like sleeping...

    You have made all the good points about the necessity to rest and relax. i definitely must learn from my pets; I feel too 'wired' most of the time, and that is not good for me. Thank you.

  2. Looks like about the same that's going on around my house!

  3. Oliver, you are obviously a purrfessional at sunpuddle snoozing! We love your technique and your handsome face too!

  4. you look so wonderful in your sun puddle

  5. I wanna crawl in this photo and cuddle with you Oliver! You look so comfy :)

  6. Sun puddles are the bestest!
    It's funny that our names are the same, but I don't look the same as you -- why is that? Hmmmm, well, back to my sun puddle....

  7. Oliver is so cute! Such adorable little pink paws :)

  8. Humans will never understand cats ! Even to move an ear in the sun is already a big work and swinging the tail from one side to another is exhausting !

  9. Classic! I love his mixed pink/black paws.

  10. I'd love to be sitting in a sun puddle right now; it's a little cool here,but that is OK tomorrow is the start of FALL! Yay!


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