Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Ts


tie dye
I dyed the outfit.  My daughter photographed this sweet little baby.

along the trail to the hoodoos in Fairmont Springs near Kootenay

trail to top of hoodoos

view of hoodoos from below 
Hoodoos are tall, thin, spires of rock with variable thicknesses, having a "totem pole" shape.  They consist of soft stone topped by harder rock that erodes much more slowly.

chocolate covered cherry mice

top down
somewhere along the coast of Oregon

another trail
in Utah 


We stayed with friends in Hurricane.   a topographical map for planning a mountain biking trip.  Notice that the gorgeous Zion National Park is nearby.

 Oliver and Earnest

I'm linking up with my favorite teacher, Ms Jenny Matlock, as we work our way through the alphabet.  Please do go visit the other students, for you never know what gems you may find--humor, poignancy, information, visions of far away places, stuff you've never even dreamed of!  Check it out HERE.  You may even wish to join in yourself!  This week our letter is "T." 

photos by me © 2005 - 2012 all rights reserved


  1. So many great photos - love the snuggly cats :)

  2. Beautiful photos as always!
    Love the old car...a Studebaker I think?
    And Earnest and Oliver are just adorable!

  3. Love the photos! The mice do look tasty!

  4. So many great T's. That old car looks like a Nash Rambler from the 50’s!

  5. Great photos and a very clever "T" post. I especially love the photo of the chocolate mice. Very cute (and tasty I bet)!

  6. The tie dye pic made me smile! How cute...

  7. Love your pictures! Clever post!

  8. Well, how cute are Oliver and Earnest holding paws! The cherry mice look yummy good and I love the hoodoos pics, not to mention that name!! Hoodoos!!

  9. Loved the views best till I saw Oliver and Earnest!

  10. Tasty mice and sweet kitties! Puuurrrrrfect! Love the pictures - the tree reminds me of the Cypress near Carmel, CA.

  11. "Tasty" and "Top down" are my favorites. Love that car! :)

  12. Gorgeous travel photos today!

  13. Oliver and Earnest are so precious! The mice are cute and so is that baby! You always take such great photos Margaret! Hoodoo is a ski area here in Oregon so I didn't know it was something else too!

  14. I love the mix of subjects that you think of for some of these letter posts. Of course your kitties are adorable and the vacation photos are beautiful. Love the mice, too! So creative.

  15. We stayed in a very "quaint" motel near Kootenay when we were traveling with our cousins in 2001. Well, at least our cousin Fred called it quaint because he had made the reservations. Cousin Laura and I just rolled our eyes when we saw where we were staying for the night. I first learned about hoodoos in 1988 when we were on a trip with other cousins. We stayed at Numtacha Lodge on the Jasper-Banff highway. It was a lovely old place and had chairs in the lobby that were made from moose antlers. I was almost afraid to sit in them!

  16. love the twigs, the tree in Fairmont Springs, the hoodoos, and of course, the nash first car back in the day. heehee.

  17. wonderful T offerings! who knew from hoodoos?!

  18. Terrific T's! I want to visit the hoodoos now, what an amazing place.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: French Marigolds

  19. The first two pictures are fabulous!

    Actually they all are!

    Thanks for a terrific link to the letter "T".


  20. T-rific!!! Love all your T photos. And haha love the word hoodoo! Too cool :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am soooo behind on blogging! Thank you sooo much for stopping by my S post! Hm...until I lose some pounds, the old timey bathing costume is probably the best thing for me! lol)

  21. Cherry mice ~ too cute! and of course snuggly kitties are always perfect. :)
    xo Catherine


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