Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowman Decorations

handmade of felt
I love snowmen!  I have a smallish dedicated snowman tree in my upstairs hallway. 

This tree is filled with snowman ornaments collected over several years.  Some have been gifts; some have been bought or won at ornament exchanges.  Some are handmade; some are not.

There are more ornaments closer to the top because I have 2 kitties who like to undecorate the tree.  Balls and stars are especial favorites!

There are a number of stars, white balls, berry wreaths, and icy snowman faces placed throughout.

← handmade--bought at craft show

handmade by a friend

← handpainted by me

bought from my friend's store

I'm missing 2 of my favorites right now.  I know I put them in a "safe place."  If only I knew where that is!

I love these wonderful snow people!  They were made by my former store partner Peggy.  (photographed on a tree, but they go elsewhere in my house)

acorn cap ear muffs
 an angel snowman with net wings


              knit hat and scarf

Alphabe-Thursday is so much fun!  Round 6 has barely begun.  This week our letter is "D."  Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!

photos by me © 2012


  1. I love the idea of a dedicated tree theme. Snowmen are brilliant

  2. I love your snowman tree! My favorite is the ice cube snowman. I think my number of snowmen is over 50-- Mr. Calm and I were laughing last night that one day, we won't be able to find him amidst all the snowmen! ;)

  3. Great photos and a wonderful tree! I love decorating with snow-people as well.

  4. Ordinary Words....snowmen make such wonderful keeping them up after Christmas is fine after the let-down of all the holidays♫♪

  5. Snowmen - I love them. I think it's the perpetual smile. It might be crooked, or made of bits of stone or stitched on, but the snowman smile is always just a little whimsical and jolly.

  6. Your tree is so cute! Make sure Oliver doesn't get your favorites!
    The ice cube snowman is cute :)

  7. how fun! I have an affinity for snowmen too. And a dedicated tree! That's neat! {:-D

  8. love those! What a great idea, a snowman tree.

  9. Your decorations are so cheerful ! I especially love the angels ! they look so cute and funny. Our tree is also full of little funny angels, wooden ornaments and colored balls !

  10. All of your snowmen are so cute. I really like the ornament snowman with the crooked smile. Looks like kitty is having a good time with the decorations. I started hanging kitty toys on the bottom limbs of our tree.

  11. darling D post. I have snowmen, too -- they are waiting for me to arrange them on top of the pie safe. (love the undecorating cat!)

  12. Hi Margaret ~~ Your "D" word, decorations, is such a wonderful choice for you. The snowmen are precious (so is your cat).

    We have put away several years ago the springs for our WonderHorse, Cheyenne, and now cannot find them when our three-year-old granddaughter will be visiting for a couple of weeks. The hardware stores aren't carrying any usable substitutes and the company is out of business. None right now on eBay either.

    Oh yes, I still haven't completely kicked my chocolate stashing. Right now I have seven KitKat bars and two Butterfinger bars in my desk drawer. BUT I HAVEN'T EATEN DONUTS FOR FIVE YEARS! LOL

    And I used to walk with my beagle, Adi. But she died at age 16 this year.

  13. I like the idea of snowman collection! Yours are cool.

  14. Never thought snowmen could be warm and wonderful.

    But yours sure are!


  15. Your snowmen are so cute! You should be very happy that Oliver helps you rearrange them to make sure they are in the proper position! :)

  16. I love the idea of having your own little tree dedicated to your snowman collection! So sweet! That picture of Oliver "undecorating" the tree is adorable :)

  17. I love handmade ornaments - most of my tree is decorated with ones made by friends, family, or me. Very fun!

  18. I really like your snow people, and your fun snowman tree. We have to put unbreakable ornaments down low to keep a certain dog's tail from breaking anything.

  19. Beautiful! Love a themed tree. But we've never done one- with the cats we're nervous!

  20. I love snowmen, too.

    And I'm delighted with your collection!

    What a fun snowman tree!

    I usually leave my snowmen out until mid-January to help cheer up winter!

    Thanks for the smile!

    This was fun!



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