Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bow Lake

Bow Lake lies along the Bow River in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of Banff National Park.  Even on this cloudy day, the waters are gorgeous turquoise (due to glacial flour).  Crowfoot Glacier (seen above) supplies water to the Bow River.  (Glaciers in the Bow River Valley supply a fraction of water to the river, snowmelt being the largest contributor.) 

a perfect spot for a picnic

water cycle in the Bow River basin 

photos by me © 2013

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I love comments and am sad to loose some, so here are the original ones:

Hooray for Canada's beauty! :) xo Catherine  Corner of Cat's Mind 

Wow that is gorgeous! Looks so peaceful!  Liz Williams

That milky water is a great foil for the sky - a fantastic place!  Barb

Just beautiful, the view of the lake and mountains is gorgeous. I would love to visit this spot. Great shots!  eileeninmd


  1. Beautiful shots, Margaret! You surely enjoyed your vacation there when you could see such beauty as that!

  2. I love the dramatic landscape in the first photo and what a beautiful lake!!

  3. Just beautiful! I can't get over the color of the water and the scope of the mountains.


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