Thursday, October 10, 2013

seeming to undulate

This stunning passion flower is growing in the gardens of Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina.  The restaurant grows much of the vegetables and herbs served in its own extensive gardens.  Scattered among the gardens are tables and chairs, children's play areas, and gorgeous flowers.

un . du . late --to move with a smooth wavelike motion; having a wavy surface or edge

interesting information about medicinal usages from the University of Maryland (my alma mater!)
description  of passion flower (of which there are 400 species!)
cultivation --Royal Horticultural Society  

THANK YOU, Judie, for identifying this plant!

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny, is so much fun!  This week our letter is "U." Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun! 

PS:  I have been on vacation and then catching up with myriad things.  I apologize for the length of time it's taken to visit you.  But visit you, I will!

photo by me © 2013   all rights reserved


  1. Spectacular! Nice choice for letter U!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous flower! It's so unusual -- interesting how it closes and opens up!

  3. Just beautiful! You did a great job capturing the colors and detail. How neat that the restaurant has its own garden.

  4. Wow, that's a unique clematis! Love the colors and different layers!

  5. Margaret, this looks like a passionflower, also called a maypop. Your photos are stunning!!!

  6. Stunning. Makes me want to look up plant biology because I don't remember what those little wand things are!

  7. Such a beautiful flower! Great capture!
    xo Catherine

  8. It does appear to be undulating...

    Great post for the letter "U"!

    Thanks for linking.



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