Wednesday, January 29, 2014

goals: 2014

I hope this is is the year of finding balance in my life.  I'm not making any resolutions.  nope!  Who wants a list of stuff to feel guilty about for not doing?!

There are still things I hope to accomplish.

1.  Continue to organize and update the place where I live.  There are a few projects I started long ago that still need to be completed this century.  There are also the new ones begun and not yet completed.  (bookshelves/library room is a case in point)
This project is almost complete.  What's left is installing the doors on the lower section and painting them, of course, and touch up work.  The shelves are already full of books and other treasures.
2.  Workout regularly.  Maybe do yoga.  Ride my bike.

3.  Spend time with family.

4.  Spend time with friends.
In December my girlfriends and I went to Waynesville to shop, have dinner, and just generally enjoy each other's company.  This is one of our favorite booths inside an antique mall.  We love how all the vintage dishware is arranged by color.

5.  Do creative stuff.   I've signed up for 2 Craftsy classes that will force me to use my sewing machine.

6.  Grow more vegetables.

7.  Explore.

8.  Photograph.

9.   Play with kitties

10.  Be still.  Contemplate.  Grow spiritually.

I was tempted to say do this or do that "more."  But I just simply wish to do these things.  Will it be more?  Does it matter?  The point is to consciously spend time doing those things that are meaningful to me.

My Blogging Business Artisans team sets forth a new Challenge every month.  The purpose is to encourage us to explore our creativity, to stretch our imaginations.  Perhaps we are re-working something we've done in the past or still do.  Perhaps we're making something entirely new.  For the month of January we considered our goals for the upcoming year.

(Blogger is being most persnickety as I write this.  I hope this post shows up with all its photos.  sigh.)

photos by me © 2012 and 2013  all rights reserved


  1. Wonderful goals and inspiring photos!

  2. Good news, I think all of the photos are there!

    You have some nice goals. Sometimes it can be tempting to add a bunch of stuff at the beginning of the year when you have 12 months stretched out ahead of you, but that doesn't always end well. Haha. I think your balance is great.

  3. Very good non-goals! I, too, see no point in making New Year's resolutions just to let it all fall by the wayside! Somebody with a really evil sense of humor must have thought up resolutions! I'd like to grow veggies (not more, just grow them since it's been a hundred years since I've had a garden) and play with kitties... they will appreciate that!

  4. Great goals! I really like that you specify that 'more' isn't necessarily the point - it's about doing things that matter. I think that is the best goal anyone could possibly make!

  5. Those are wonderful goals! I hope you are able to obtain all of them especially the kitty one!

  6. You and I share goals #2 #3 #4 #5 #8 #9 :) Those built in shelves are looking great!


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