Thursday, January 2, 2014

gorgeous Mount Edith Cavell

In September 2013, my husband and I hiked the Mount Edith Cavell trail to Cavell Pond in Jasper National Park, Canada.  It is a short, easy hike at 11,033ft (3,363 m) elevation.  The views along the way are spectacular!

There are several glaciers visible on the North face of the mountain.  Angel Glacier (above) forms in a bowl or cirque.  The glacier flows downward.  Some of the ice breaks over the vertical cliffs forming the angel's wings.  Because of the constant movement, this is an avalanche area.  We did see several while we were here and heard their resounding BOOMS!

I love the patterns, colors, and shapes of the plants, lichens, and rocks.  stunning decoration!

If you look very carefully in the middle of the photograph, you will see a person in blue.   This will give you an idea of the scale.

See the people--blue and red?

Cavell Pond is just below Cavell Glacier.  Ghost Glacier is the highest snow area above on the left.  In August, 2012, a very large chunk (equivalent to 1428 city buses) of Ghost Glacier broke off and avalanched down the mountain into Cavell Pond causing a tsunami that closed trails and the parking lot.  (video link below)

Icebergs float in Cavell Pond.

silly photo of me

pattern and texture

Back to the beginning of the trail, Cavell Lake can be seen in the distance, a gorgeous turquoise blue due to the suspension of glacial flour.

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video of the avalanche (warning:  4 -letter word at the 5 second mark)

about Edith Cavell, a British nurse in WWI who saved many lives

My Post:
water  a couple photos of Cavell Pond and Cavell Lake

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  1. Looks like paradise for a photographer! Yes, the views are spectacular!

  2. Amazing photos!! Love the waterfall and your pattern and texture shot. Were you jumping for joy??
    Happy New Year!

  3. that one photo where the icebergs are floating really gives you a sense of where the glacier is. Amazing! That is one steep path, where the people are. My poor aching ankles. I wonder if I would ever manage that "easy hike" as you say... {:-D

  4. Gorgeous photos of the majestic mountains! What a beautiful place! I don't think I'm fit enough to ever go hiking there ;-) Love the photo of you!

  5. Ah, the beauty of the outdoors -- you take the most fabulous hikes! No wonder you are jumping for joy!

  6. Jasper and Banff are so beautiful aren't they?
    Wishing you and your family a most wonderful 2014 filled with Health, Peace, Love and Joy!
    xo Catherine

  7. Canada is so beautiful. We did an Alaskan cruise a few summers ago, and took a couple of day trips into Canada on the way. I was just blown away by the mountains because we don't have anything remotely close to that in Chicago!

  8. Oh breathtaking indeed! Aren't your knees a little bit cold?!

  9. What a beautiful place! Your photos are always so gorgeous! Love the silly photo of you!

  10. Amazing…thank you for sharing!

  11. A brief story of Edith Cavell, an extremely courageous and selfless woman in the time of war.

  12. Lovely photos. Thanks for pointing out the perspective - never would have guessed.

  13. LOVE the photo of you! Too funny! Great shots! I love Canada. Your heart is always at home though.

  14. what a photographers haven . amazing pictures thank you

  15. Gorgeous photos! Beautiful place!

  16. Those glaciers are GIANT...

    I love the picture of you being a goofy!

    Gorgeous post for the letter "G".

    Thanks for linking.



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