Friday, February 21, 2014


North America has had so much snow this Winter!  Cincinnati so far (and Winter isn't over yet!) has had its fifth snowiest Winter on record.  The record is 53.9, which fell in the Winter of 1977-78.  So far we've had 44 inches.  11.2 inches is the average for an entire Winter!

This is my backyard on a snowy day.  See the creek?  It looks like a hook or a J on its side.  It subsequently got covered entirely.

another backyard shot on a sunny day.  It's been colder and sunnier than usual as well.  Our Winters are normally warmer and very gray.  I realized that I can handle cold if it's sunny.  It's the dreary, dark days that are difficult.
There's a squirrel's nest in the middle of the photo near the right.

close up of squirrel's nest.

caveat:  Our weather--and that includes snow--is measured at the airport which is in Kentucky!  That's south of us.

CNN article on 6 US cities close to their record snows (Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York) 
snowy days (1)
snowy days (2)

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  1. I missed our snowy days here in the PNW. I was in the balmy South West (Calif.) with my mom. lovely pictures!

  2. Mother Nature is very mixed up this year!
    keep warm!
    xo Catherine

  3. I'm also in the Pacific NW, but the snow has missed us where we are. It's beautiful to look at, but I like looking at it from a distance.

  4. It looks so very lovely!

  5. Wow! That's nearly four times as much snow as usual! (Like you need me to tell you that!) That's crazy. And it's funny the snow is measured in Kentucky!


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