Thursday, February 27, 2014


Here are a few random photos from a trip to Oregon in the past...

hiking around a lake in Redmond or Three Sisters area

As we approach Crater Lake we can see smoke from fires in the distance.

Crater lake detail

Crater Lake is phenomenonally blue!  The blue light of sunlight can travel to great depths.  There it causes the electrons in water molecules to vibrate and re-radiate light in blue wavelengths. This amazing blue light that seems to glow is what we see.  Because of the fires and smoke in the area, the blue was not as vibrant.  I'm showing you 2 photos near the water's edge where the blue is pretty brilliant.

beautiful Oregon coast

(Oh blogger, you are messing with my photos again!  This last photo is weird, but I'm leaving it.  I hope you, my dear readers, get some sense of a lovely sunset.)

past post on Oregon coast

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photos by me  © 2006     all rights reserved


  1. The Oregon Coast looks amazing! Wish I could visit!
    Love those tall trees!

  2. Beautiful photos of my gorgeous state!

  3. Crater Lake is so stunning with the blue waters! And I love how everything is green year round.
    Of course I'd love to visit Oregon most to see Sharla and Linda :)

  4. What a gorgeous place! I'll have to add Crater Lake to my list of things to see.

  5. Beautiful photos! Oregon is a very beautiful state and the coastline is WONDERFUL!

  6. I had no idea Crater Lake is so blue! I haven't been there since I was about 4, though, so it makes sense that my memory is fuzzy.

  7. Oregon is indeed beautiful! As are your photos!

  8. Lovely! One day, we'll go there!


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