Thursday, April 17, 2014

beautiful view: Happy Bay

Last week I posted a photo of umbrellas behind a rock on Happy Bay.  This week I'm showing you more views of this beautiful beach.

To get to Happy Bay (Anse Heureuse) on the French side of St. Martin, one must first go to Friars' Bay.  At the far end of this beach, there is a path through the trees and over a few rocks.  It's about a 10 minute fairly easy hike.  

almost there.  But first go through this gate:

Say hello to the cow and bull.
(See the horns?!)

Look closely at the middle of the far right and you will see the blue and white striped umbrellas.  The rock cairns are in front of them.
I believe that people simply enjoy stacking rocks, so when they come to the beach and see them available they begin.  Someone else sees a cairn and makes one, too.    

Piles of rocks are exposed on the beach and in the water at one end of this crescent of golden white sand.

Uncommon Caribbean 
a few photos
Rum Therapy more photos showing the beautiful beach as well as parts of the path 

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny, is so much fun!  This week our letter is "V." Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!  

photos by me  © 2014  all rights reserved  (Some are iPhone.)


  1. The golden sand and the sail boat in the background is picture perfect!
    Haven't "seen" you in a while - am Jesh StG from my previous "Artistique" blogspot blog, but moved to wordpress

  2. Wow, you'd never think to go through the gate but it is so worth it when you do! Stunning beach!

  3. That's a fun walk to the beach. I'd be wary, walking by that cow and bull! Guess they are used to people... {:-D

  4. What a lovely place to visit. Thanks for the tour!

  5. I love the combination of rocks and water. Always.

  6. I'm happy that I got to explore Happy Bay with you - sorry I didn't get close enough to see the horns on that cow though!
    Wren x

  7. Those umbrella and rocks such a fun combination, but cow picture just fun-tastic!
    xx, Lana

  8. Breathtaking views! The cows in my beach town would be quite jealous of that one.

  9. What a wonderful hike with an amazing destination!


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