Thursday, July 10, 2014

Plain of Six Glaciers

a favorite hike 
in three installments
Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada is one of the most spectacular places on Earth.  My husband and I were privileged to visit twice in 2 consecutive years.  The Plain of  Six Glaciers is my top, number 1 favorite hike I've ever done.  This is because the scenery is breathtakingly spectacular every single step of the way!  My photos do not do justice.  Yet I offer them as a small taste of possibility.

The hike begins on the far side of the lake after walking on the paved pathway.
The lake is a beautiful turquoise or emerald depending on sunshine, clouds, and time of day.  We're aiming for the valley between the mountains at the back of this photo.  

Looking back, see The Fairmont Lake Louise hotel, where this hike began.

 nearly at the far end of the lake now
NOTE:  We did not have to climb over these rocks.  They were beside the path which is still flat at this point.

a popular spot for rock climbing.  See the climber?  (turquoise jacket)

The path continues on and is still fairly level and even.

Now we must cross over the silvery water on a path of rocks.

The path begins to rise, traveling through forest and meadow.

aaahhh... the intense beauty!  (oops..that's next week's post!)

the intersection of several paths.  2nd to last arrow says Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House--that is where we are heading!  (Yes a tea house high in the mountains!  more on that next week)

The scenery is constantly breathtaking!  The silvery strip is the glacial stream that feeds into the lake.

I will leave you with this view and continue the hike next week.

source:  google maps from this website
The large blue lake is Lake Louise.  The hike we took is the long, rather straight yellow one that extends down and to the left.  (The path is basically straight up with some switchbacks.  3.3 miles [5.3km] one way, 1198 feet [365m] elevation gain)

Parks Canada--Banff
Banff Lake Louise--map of Lake Louise area with hikes indicated and brief descriptions below
photos with descriptions of Plain of Six Glaciers hike (Steve Hall)

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  1. Oh my, these are BEAUTIFUL photos! You really have to watch your step on that path -- and the rock path by the water!

  2. That is breathtaking! What a gorgeous place for a hike! I want to visit that park one day!

  3. I love that kind of hike♪

  4. Oh my gosh. Amazing! I really want to visit Banff. I have family in Alberta, too, so I have an excuse to visit, it just hasn't happened yet.

  5. ok, Banff just went on my bucket list!!!

  6. My hubby has been, but not me. I want to visit though, I mean, who wouldn't?!
    Lovely shots!

  7. Beautiful! Gorgeous! It's been years since I did that kind of hiking! Will always be a thrill! but . . .I don't know if I could do it now. :(

  8. That's GORGEOUS! I've been to Canada a couple of times, but never to this area. Now I have a new place to add to the list!

  9. Wow! This park looks amazing. I had no idea Canada had any water that turquoise color. That is such a gorgeous shade.

  10. OMG! I have taken some of these same photos in Banff! Not the hikers, though! With my bad balance, I would probably fall on those rocky trails. Great "H"!!!

  11. it is beautiful. I'm glad that your husband enjoys hiking as much as you do. {:-D

  12. What beautiful, beautiful views. I so enjoyed walking with you!
    If you like joining memes you should join Restless Jo's Monday Walk ( and my Up Down Challenge (

  13. Really amazing! I love this wonderful place, beautiful photos, stunning scenery!

  14. I love the beautiful lake along with the snow covered mountains all in one shot...too cool!
    Hiking...yes. Rock climbing...not for this girl!

  15. Wow! It looks like a slice of heaven! We are hikers and I think I'm going to have to add that one to my list. I can just imagine how beautiful it is seeing it all in person.

  16. What an interesting post and such a beautiful landscape !

  17. What a stunning place! Looking forward to your other posts.

  18. Gorgeous photograph of nature's gifts ~ beautiful place ~ what a gift to be there and photography ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  19. I haven't been there in years but must agree that in my memory it's one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

  20. How far is that?

    I want to go!!!!

    I've just started walking again after a prolonged illness. I'm up to a 1/4 mile (frustrating) but I'm doing it slow and building my strength little by little.

    This is a hike I would love to go on someday!

    My bucket list right now is training for a 5K walk but this would make me even happier.

    Thanks for such a great link to the letter H.



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