Saturday, July 5, 2014


Yesterday, I took a spin around the yard, camera in hand.  I love to see what's blooming, who's visiting the flowers, and what edibles are ripening.

Orange double-flowered day lilies have begun blooming.

Pink lemonade blueberries are getting riper.

I love the combination of blue nigella next to yellow moonbean coreopsis.

Purple "green beans" are becoming larger, nearly ready to pick.  When cooked, the purple beans turn green.

Bees were delighting in the deliciousness of flower nectar.

Black raspberries have been ripening and must be picked before the birds find them.

an experiment this year--growing cucumbers in a pot on my deck.  Already baby fruits are forming!  This one is about the size of a little finger.

I love this color combination--so vibrant and summery!  chartreuse potato vine and bright pink brachyscome

Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Ms Jenny, is so much fun!  This week our letter is  "G." Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!  

Thank you, Ms Jenny, for hostessing another round!

photos by me  © 2014   all rights reserved


  1. All your photos are fantastic. Great closeups. The contrasts are beautiful. xo Jenny

  2. Yes, some wonderful photos full of joy and color! Interesting and attractive flowers!

  3. I love your photos! The detail and colors are amazing. Awesome of the bee! What a lovely blog you have.
    Thanks for visiting me!

  4. Lovely photos, your garden looks wonderful. How lovely to have something great crops to eat as well.
    Wren x

  5. Wonderful garden and elegant photos of nature's beauties ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. I'd love to be able to grow my own berries, and what a cute visitor that bee is!

  7. I love taking a spin around your garden, too. Gorgeous shots!


  8. Margaret, our coastal Georgia garden is developing very slowly, but in a few years I might be able to post photos. They will never be as beautiful as yours, though!!!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for taking us along on your stroll through your pretty garden.

  10. Gorgeous! You have a wonderful garden, and you've done a beautiful job showcasing it for us!

  11. Very nice spin you took! Your shots are beautiful!
    Have a good week.

  12. Hi, thanks for coming by. Have a good week,

  13. Gorgeous blooms in your gardens. You'll have to be very quick to beat the birds to the berries.

  14. Wow, your garden has such variety and is full of colour! Stunning macro shots! I have a few peach and white lilies which are blooming now too :)

  15. Lovely variety of colors and flowers. Just beautiful.. Have a happy day!

  16. Cucumbers on the deck? I have never had the courage to try it in a small space! Hope it works well for you, looks like it is!!!

  17. I am enchanted with the pink lemonade blueberries and the black raspberries. Love, love, love black raspberries and never see them here at all!

    Such a neat idea to put cucumbers on the deck!

    This was a great little tour for the letter G.

    Thank you for linking.



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