Wednesday, May 4, 2016

garden serenity

Ambling around the grounds at the Cincinnati Civic Center a couple days ago, I came across this lovely pond.  The explosion of lush greeness and blooms in this city oasis was so soul refreshing. 

Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

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a few more words!  note the beehive.  There are wall (or Lazarus) lizards sunning on the rock in the foreground.  These non natives were brought to Cincinnati in 1951 and released into a backyard.

photo by me © 2016  all rights reserved


  1. So lovely! This must be the garden you mentioned. =)

  2. So pretty! I'd like a pond but don't want to do the work to put it in. :)

  3. Beautiful pond! Looks so peaceful there!

  4. We saw lots of lily pads in ponds last weekend, only these were natural sloo/ponds with lots of mosquitoes! Your's are lovelier!

  5. what a beautiful spot! I could get lost in the moment with that view

  6. The bee box was the first thing I noticed! :) Gorgeous spot.


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