Sunday, August 23, 2009

more Asheville...hike part 2

some closeup views from our hike along Graveyards Fields Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina...

blueberries (above)
water striders (above) found in a pool of water below the waterfall

rhododendron (above) were blooming everywhere.
A gnatcatcher (above) entertained us during lunch.
photos by me © 2009


  1. I started looking and thought - "wow, how beautiful..." and then I saw the bugs...but as I looked closer - how cool! they are skating on the water - very fun :)

  2. Awesome photos! I've never seen bugs look so cool until I came to your blog!

  3. Very beautiful snapshots!!!!!!!!! Looks like you had a great time there..

  4. Great shots! My favorite is the bugs also...very cool!! I live in Asheville and have taken a couple pictures around town, the link is:

    Jerry Nelson

  5. Great photos! I love them all!

    Congratulations!!! I left you an award for you here:

  6. I enjoyed going on the hike with you! I haven't seen those bugs in a long time so enjoyed seeing them again. The flowers and the bird are just so pretty too!

  7. Wow! Very pretty pictures! You are quite talented with the camera.

  8. I love all the photos but the little gnatcatcher is the cutest thing ever. What an adorable little bird and I bet he was entertaining.


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