Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tagged again!

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I've been tagged again!  Linda, a bloggy friend has tagged me with four more fun questions:
1.  How did you meet your hubby?
I met him at a friend's house on a visit to Indianapolis.  A high school and college buddy had moved there recently.  My (future) husband had been on a trip and had just returned the night before I left.  The meeting was brief and there were no sparks.   A couple months later I moved to Indianapolis and....well....things changed!

2. What is your dream for this Christmas/Holiday Season?
My dream is to share this time of love with family and friends, to slow down and really enjoy the season.

3. What was your favorite pet as a child?

a cat, of course!  My first cat was named Chocolate.
HERE you can see a photo of me with Chocolate (photo #6).  My next door neighbors' cat had kittens and I fell in love.  After that I have almost never been without a kitty.

4. What kind of a car do you drive? No, car? Bus? Bike?
I drive a Subaru Forester (2009 in Newport Blue Pearl).  We hope to keep it for a long time.  So far, I love it.  It handles  well, gets decent mileage, and is big enough to haul stuff (craft shows and house projects).


  1. I can identify with the neighbor being the instrument thru which you got your first pet. My first pet was actually the neighbors dog. They had no kids and the dog, Lady, would come thru the fence to play with us--my sister and I and the neighbor kids--in our yard! She was like our own!

  2. Such fun questions! My first pet was a St Bernard and I got my first cat when I was about 6 and have had one or more ever since!

  3. Great meme! Love hearing more about blog pals.

  4. great questions... and answers! Yes, I got tagged again. M-A-Y-B-E...

  5. Very fun! Love the picture of you and your kitty =)

  6. Fun answers :) And great pic with Chocolate!


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