Friday, November 11, 2011

Blogging Business Artisans: Charter Members

Recently, I participated in the creation of a new team on etsy--Blogging Business Artisans.  We are a creative group of artists, focused on business, and having fun along the way.  Here I introduce you to a few shops and blogs.  I will start with the charter members.

Erika's Little Andalucia SHOP is filled with fabric goodness--dresses, skirts, patterns, DIY kits, and fabric, too!

Introducing Erika's brand new SHOP Artful Rising!!  

In this shop, she sells wonderful art journals and story dolls.

Erika's BLOG Artful Rising is dedicated to embracing creative passions and dream fulfilling.  She loves to engage others in her creative, soul and mind searching dialogs.  

Read about her Project Embrace--"Embrace your creative energy to not only help yourself but those around you.  Use your art to make someone smile, to raise money for a cause, or to bring attention to something important."
Right now she is collecting handmade cards to give to a local Ronald McDonald House in early November. 
On Mondays, she hosts a fun meme, It's a Wrap Party--easy and fun.  Simply link your favorite blog post from the past week!  HERE is this week's wrap. 
Erika is our team captain!
(Read an introduction to Erika HERE.) 

(Going in alphabetical order,) next up is Deb.

Deb writes wonderful haikus and attaches them to her handmade journals such as this one--Sea of Yellow Flowers.  Art journals and paper beads fill her Storybeader SHOP.

On her BLOG The Storybeader's Journal, Stroll through Storyland, she shares lots of photos of her handmade journals and beads.  She's an avid reader and posts insightful book reviews.  She also shares wonderful business posts such as this recent one on pinterest, a visual social media site.
(Read an introduction to Deb HERE.)


Edi is the artist behind Memories For Life Scrapbooks.

Edi's SHOP is filled with a variety of paper-making goodness, such as these wonderful custom word scrapbooks.  Recently, Edi purchased an engraving machine.  She now carries an assortment of engraved items--monograms and photos on glass and wood.  She loves custom work!

On her BLOG, Edi shares photos of her work as well as family stories.  Harley, her beloved dog, makes appearances as well!
Be sure to check out her giveaway of custom engraved wine glasses on our team blog.  (See "LINKS" below.)

(Read an introduction to Edi HERE.

Rose, also known as Random Creative, makes lovely beaded and button jewelry.  She even has PDF patterns!
Visit her Random Creative SHOP to see all the wonderful beaded bracelets, cuffs, and earrings she has to offer.  She's also a member of the etsy beadweavers team, and participates in challenges like this one called Totally Twisted.  You can vote on your favorite now through November 15.  Rose does custom work as well.

On her BLOG, The Beadings and Buttons of Random Creative, she shares her newest creations.  On Saturdays, she posts a random and very fun Link List like this one.
Rose frequently posts to Hub Pages.  Check out this one for 10 free stocking design tutorials.

(Read an introduction to Rose HERE.)

Sharla of Beaded Tail makes beautiful custom jewelry, often with a cat or dog theme.  She's an animal lover supreme! 

Sharla donates a portion of her earnings to animal causes.  She also belongs to the etsy angels, a team that donates to a new charity every month.  Visit her SHOP to see lovely beaded earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Her Beaded Tail BLOG is hosted by the loveable fur babies in her life--Isabella the beautiful tortie, 

Angel the floofy-tailed kitty, and 

Sadie, a sweet Husky who often takes us on wonderful strolls!

Make sure you check out Niptini where "a little nip mixed with friends makes a whole lot of fun!" 

(Read an introduction to Sharla HERE.)

Lastly there's me, Margaret of Splendid Little Stars

My SHOP is filled with hand dyed cotton and silk accessories and clothing for both children and adults.  Lately, I've been having fun dyeing silk scarves and playing with various techniques.  I love to do custom work!

My BLOG is an eclectic mixture of various topics, but I most especially like to share photos of nature and my kitties, Earnest and Oliver.  I love to explore the world around me with my camera.

(Read an introduction to me HERE.)

These are the 6 charter members of the Blogging Business Artisans.  I look forward to sharing more members with you!
"The focus of Blogging Business Artisans (BBA) is to promote our etsy shops, blogs, and one another with fun activities and via various social media. We will have monthly artistic challenges, treasuries, and giveaways. The BBA is planning fun social activities such as Secret Santa, link parties, and a blog hop."

team on etsy
BLOG where we post introductions to our members, their art, and interests.  You will also find a list of our members and their contact information.  Informative business articles are posted here as well.  Additionally, there are links to our upcoming team challenges.
GIVEAWAY  Hurry!  You have till November 21!

© all photos and images are the property of the above individual artists.  all rights reserved. 


  1. Awesome post Margaret! Have a great weekend:)

  2. This is a great post about our GREAT team!!! I love how you put it all together :)

  3. What a great post Margaret! Angel, Isabella and Sadie love it too! I'm so happy we are part of such a fabulous team!

  4. This is a fabulous group! I'm honoured to know most of the members and they are all very dear to my heart :)

  5. Wonderful post Margaret!

    Congratulations to the new team!!

    I am following all of you blogs and have "hearted" your shops. You are all fabulous artists!

  6. This sounds like a great team of talent!

  7. Awesome post Margaret! Thanks for the great promo for our wonderful team members. Thanks for including so many links for specific things like articles, items, etc. I really appreciate it. :)

  8. Margaret,

    Thank you for the effort you put into this lovely post. It has been a wonderful experience working with each of you; I appreciate what you do.


  9. what a sweet profile of the charter members. We are lucky to have one another. I say, any other crafter who wants to spend time and is committed to their artwork should come by and check out our Etsy team! {:-Deb

  10. Beautiful post! You are all soooo talented!

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  12. Awesome post! Thank you for asking me to join your great team!

  13. Great post, Margaret! It is a great group! I enjoy chatting and the encouragement that comes from each one!

  14. I love how you've reintroduced the charter members of BBA; this is a quick way to learn more about everyone.


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