Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday time!  Here we go!

stacked up 
I love making things. Oh, what ever should I make next?  Here's a small stack of books from which to chose.  Some I own; some are from the library.

 stacked up
dyed scrunchies, one cotton, the rest silk

Winter Wonderland 
a creek near my house in 2010.  No Winter Wonderland in my neck of the woods so far this year.
Oliver and Earnest are great buddies!

What do you think this is?!  (answer below)

Hey, bulbs, don't you know it's January?!  You, too, pansy?!!
We had a light sugar powder dusting of snow a couple days ago, our only "snow" so far this year.

Hole above is looking down through the top of an empty wine bottle.  

This is a very fun meme in which 5 prompts are given and one must then take a photo to illustrate each one.  Come see what others have done HERE.

photos by me ©2010 and 2012


  1. I love these posts :) The wine bottle photo is awesome! And though I'm glad we haven't had much snow this year, your Winter Wonderland photo is so pretty!

  2. I did think wine bottle..yay I was right!! Those stacked up books are great, just what I'd want to be reading too!

  3. Last year's winter is lovely and the wine bottle light is a treasure. Enjoyable sequence.

  4. Fabulous series. I adore your "Sweet" photo.
    Your Winterwonderland was lovely.
    Enjoyed the Stacked photos - the 2nd one was so colorful.
    Very clever take on Hole with the wine bottle.

  5. Your winter wonderland is a great capture!

  6. What a clever "hole" picture! Wow-never would have thought of that. Winter wonderland is beautiful. Your stacked fabric shot is just gorgeous!

  7. Oh my gosh...can you believe this crazy winter? Your Winter Wonderland photo is so lovely.

  8. Your kitties are such sweet buddies! That's awesome. I love the stacked books. The titles alone are inspiring.

  9. Really great shots. Your cats are adorable. Creative hole shot.

  10. Sweet picture of Oliver and Earnest! I am surprised by your bulbs and pansy popping up already. Amazing glass bottle image, it looks like it's spinning!

  11. Barely any snow in our neck of the woods, either. And I didn't realize you had a cat named Oliver (I'm SO bad with names). Me, too! Except we call him Ollie most of the time. :)

  12. that winter wonderland photo is beautiful. Some things just look better in B&W! The cats are adorable and so are the cold bulbs. {:-D

  13. That macro shot is very cool! And Earnest and Oliver are SO sweet! That paw over the other's... aw!


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