Thursday, May 2, 2013

inside xanthic flowers

daffodil (means uncertainty, chivalry, respect, unrequited love, return my affection.)

tulip (A red tulip means undying love.)

tulip (A yellow tulip means hopeless love.)

dandelion (means coquetry or happiness and faithfulness.)

xanthic:   of a yellowish color

Some say the color yellow is associated with gold or the sun, thus implying warmth, joy, and friendship, wisdom and power.  Long ago, however, yellow flowers had negative connotations and were used to symbolize jealousy and dying love.

Originating in Turkey, it seems that the "language of flowers" was introduced in Europe in the 1700s.  Lists of flower meanings were hand written and circulated, but not all lists agreed.  One can imagine the resulting unfortunate consequences!  "The first language of flowers book was probably B. Delachenaye's Abecedaire de Flore ou langage des fleurs, published in 1810....The publication of Charlotte de Latour's Le Langage des Fleurs in December 1819, was the beginning of the great proliferation of language of flowers books."*

*from Flowers, the Angels' Alphabet, The Language and Poetry of Flowers by Susan Loy, an except from which can be found HERE.

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  1. Such an interesting *X* post – great photography - and I learned something new!

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday, here’s mine!

  2. Very interesting! Those photographs are awesome!

  3. Flowers simply shout to be photographed♫♪ Great post♥ My X entry:

  4. Beautiful! Are all these in your garden? Pretty neat to see the insides up close and personal like you've taken these photos!

  5. Always a pleasure to drop by. The photos are stunning and I learned a new word today. Thank you. I love dandelions. They're really delicious in a salad without the bee of course.

  6. What a gorgeous round up of photos! The colors are so rich.

  7. Xanthic -- new vocab word! love that. great images, too.

  8. Beautiful flowers ! and I learned a new word ! Next time I will be xanthic of jealousy !

  9. I am soooo set to play scrabble!

    What a wonderful new word!

    And what Xcellent pictures!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "X".



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