Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End: Alphabet Soup

The end of yet another odyssey with Alphabe-Thursday has been reached!  What a challenge it had been at times to come up with a creative post for the current letter of the alphabet!    I've enjoyed this journey with you, my readers and fellow Alphabe-Thursdayers, sharing our posts and lives.   Thanks, Jenny!
(You can click on any of the following links to go to that post.)

A  Apple Chips -delicious and easy to make!

B  3 Boys and a Girl -Tigra and Bunkie came to play with Oliver and Earnest 

C  Chamois, tie dye style -I've been dyeing chamois (soft absorbant towels used by swimmers and divers) for Kast-A-Way Swimwear for many years


 D  Snowman Decorations -I love snowmen!


E  Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Sugar Chips (Eat) 


F  a few fun Fs 

G  Green: Close Up -Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada

H   Desert Haiku  -Salt River Canyon, Arizona

I  island sunset St. Maarten, NA 


J  jagged -jagged photos taken in the Superstition Mountains and at the Aviation Museum near Phoenix, Arizona

K  Sun Puddle Delight -Oliver enjoying sunny days!


L  serenity -Lake Agnes, Banff, Alberta, Canada

M  Mansion -a few vignettes from Winter Wine Weekend 2013..


N  narrow -views of a hike along Kanarra Creek which runs through a beautiful canyon west of the northern part of Zion National Park

O  outlines -a series of photos


P  Purple -photos of objects in varying tones of purple 

Q  Quiddity of St. Lucia 


R  round -a funny pizza truck in St. Lucia

S  sea -3 photos of Mandele Point, St. Lucia and a haiku


  T  Textures


 U  under


V  Vacation Vignettes

W  Radium Woodcarver 

 X  inside xanthic flowers 

Y  yard -a few Spring photos from around my yard   



Z  Zion -a few random photos

POST   Alphabet Soup I
POST   Alphabet Soup  II

POST   Alphabet Soup  III

Dear Ms.Jenny, 
I LOVE Alphabe-Thursday!  Thank you so much for hostessing this awesome meme AND visiting EVERY single post!

It is often challenging to come up with a post for each letter as well as committing to posting for every letter.  But it is so much FUN!

So begins Round 7 in which we start with the Letter "A."    Come visit others' submissions HERE and join in the fun!
  (You do not have to post for every letter.)

photos by me © 2009 - 2013


  1. Wow! I'm guessing all those photos are yours!? How clever and wonderful! Sharing this. :)

  2. What a fun recap post! It's great seeing all your beautiful photos together like this :)

  3. I love how you recapped it all!! Fun to look back on!

  4. It's definitely a fun meme! Congrats to you for getting every letter!

  5. Great, creative post for *A*– superb pics!

    And congrats on the recap!!

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday, here’s mine!

  6. Yes, Alphabet is a great was to begin again!

  7. Great post. I enjoyed visiting.

  8. i liked this. cute idea to do the collective.

  9. I really enjoyed this trip through the alphabet with your wonderful photographs! Excellent post, my dear!!!

  10. I recall visiting several of your posts....wonderful way to wrap things up♫ Looking forward to more posts! Laurie♫♪

  11. That was a good idea. An Alphabe-Thursday alphabet! Why didn't I think of that???

  12. That was an amazing tribute to round 6.

    An awesome post, as always!

    I'm looking forward to the adventure of round 7!

    Thanks for linking.



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