Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Slowly progressing in my house, is a long-time ongoing project.  Oliver, snoopervisor extraordinaire has been on the job!

oops!  He's caught snoozing!
Don't tell!

Most of the shelves are painted (for the millionth and final time!) (See the snoopervisor by the ladder?)

ever watchful!

from an earlier time with most of the basic structure attached

By now it is quite clear exactly what this project is!  This is today's view.  The painting of shelves has been moved inside because it's much too cold in the garage.  I'm still sanding in there though.

Oh and there's Oliver the snoopervisor.  Or is he a snoozervisor?!

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  1. Oliver makes the purrfect snoopervisor. How would we ever get things done without our cats to help?
    I love those shelves!

  2. Oliver is beautiful~ and 'm sure he is a good supervisor as well!

  3. Oliver is such a cutie!
    And the built in shelves are looking great!

  4. Awh Oliver is adorable! And I agree, the shelves do look great! :)

  5. Your shelves are looking great! I love that they're built in.
    And Oliver is doing a great job snoopervising :)

  6. Oliver appears to be very hard at work! Well...cat type work. LOL!
    Your shelves are going to look awesome!
    xo Catherine

  7. Snoozervisor seems to be the correct term for Oliver -- maybe Sun Puddle Snoozervisor!
    Your shelves are looking pretty awesome!

  8. I'd love to have a bookcase like that! Wow! Looks great! Can't wait to see it in use. {:-D

  9. The shelves make the entire room look bigger (even though I can't see the rest of the room, LOL). What a wonderful project!


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