Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flower Tablescape

"Gnome Sweet Gnome"  won the silver medal in tablescapes at the Cincinnati Flower Show in 2008. 
I love the tablescapes best!  They are fantasies and so creative.

Next Thursday I'll be posting a couple scenes from this Flower Show.

Wordless Wednesday--where I linked up: 

  The Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann


photo by me © 2008  all rights reserved


  1. That tablescape is very imaginative!

  2. How fairy cute! I didn't realized tablescapes were such a big deal until I saw a Bob Burger's episode where Gene entered a competition.

  3. I like tableaus like this that tell a story. I also like terrariums. So imaginative!

  4. Very cheery. Love the little gnomes and the cute little swing.

  5. What fun! It will be great to get out and see some color!!!


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