Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day

Imagine the scene....It's Spring (at last!) and almost April.  The sun is shining and warm, the flowers are blooming, bees are's baseball time!
The sun was actually shining.  It was almost 70º!  not many flowers.  no bees.  (It's been so cold and even snowy this last week.)  Fans crowded into the stadium to watch "America's favorite pastime."

say some.  If it means Spring is here to stay, I'm all for it!

Johnny Cueto, starting pitcher for the Reds 

Jay Bruce's first at bat

how fabulous to watch the game as well as the boats moving up and down the river on this lovely Spring day!

The Saint Louis Cardinals beat the Cincinnati Reds. 

photos by me (some are iPhone) © 2014  all rights reserved


  1. The green field looks so great! And look at all that red in the stands!
    How cool that it's along the river too.

  2. Red seats in the Cincinnati Reds stadium. And then red is the color for both the Reds and the Cardinals. makes a nice contrast with the green field doesn't it?!

  3. Wow! The sea of red in the stands reminds me of Husker football games! So glad you could enjoy such a nice outing on opening day! I grew up as an avid Minnesota Twins fan, but we get all the Kansas City Royals games on cable TV here, so my hubby (who is actually FROM Minnesota) now splits his loyalty between KC and MN. Now that he can watch baseball, he won't have to spend so much time "whittling" away at my scrap pile.

  4. How fun that you got to go on Opening Day! I live within walking distance of the Brewers' stadium so Opening Day is a big deal around here, too.


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