Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A Meyer lemon blossom newly opened!  I'm so excited!  One of the owners of Loveland Greenhouse gave this plant to me as a gift and said to treat it like a ficus.  It recently started budding and now one of the creamy white blossoms has opened.  The scent is heavenly!
found texture
 Seriously, what in the world is this?!!  *
Home is where the kitties live!  so cute how Oliver is snuggling this felt pillow!  (I can even forget how later, painstakingly, I will have to remove that white fur.)
These cute little owls covered the door of a first grade classroom when I visited my goddaughter during a school open house.  
as seen through a window in my house.  I love the shape and texture of bare branches silhouetted against the sky.

* My guess was that it is some type of fungus.  I googled "red mulch fungus" and got an answer.  It's a stinkhorn--Phallus rubicundus.   

history and uses of Meyer lemons
100 things to do with a Meyer lemon
growing  Meyer lemons
I'm having so much fun participating in this challenging, inspiring, and fun meme.  Come on over to Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Ashley Sisk's blog and see some wonderful, creative entries.  Link up, too!

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  1. What a beautiful macro! I love your cover photo as well because it made me smile.

  2. The light on that lemon blossom is delightful! Wonderful macro!
    The door almost makes me miss teaching - a cute capture for cover.
    A lot of us posted kitties for home. I think they says something wonderful about us all. :)

  3. Beautiful photos... I really like your macro shot!

  4. Thanks for you visit and comment! My macro really looks like an osage orange.
    Love your macro! We had that fungus before too and they really do stink horribly - so no surprise about their name;)

  5. Incredible photo shares. Love the lemon blossom. I can almost smell the fragrance. But that 'What in the world is this' photo...almost obscene. LOL

    And Oliver....gotta love cats. Cats rule.

    EYE spy!! is my link for today.

  6. Stinkhorn? Ha. It reminds me of something out of "Beetlejuice"!

  7. I've seen that mushroom before. Stinky something or other. Great macro.

  8. Great job this week - love your sweet kitty shot.

  9. Cool pics! That yellow blossom is so lovely...I can almost smell it :)
    I have never seen that weird looking fungus before (interesting).
    Awww...your kitty could be Sammy's brofur :)
    btw, I'm forever vaccuming ;-)

  10. That is weird looking fungus! Cute owls! Of course Oliver is the cutest! Love his little pink feets!

  11. Oh I love all your SHS photos. I didn't get to participate this week. I am doing Macro Monday though. That (Fungus) was pretty cool and I loved your Lemon Blossom.

  12. Gorgeous photos Margaret! Your kitty is too adorable with that little pillow. You do a wonderful job with your nature photos. Love all of the colors and lighting.

  13. Lovely details and light in that macro shot!

  14. Lovely pics and Oliver looks pawsome!

  15. love this Scavenger Hunt! You photos are so sharp and clear! Excellent! {:-D

  16. You found some great things for your scavenger hunt. That odd photo looked like carrots with some gunk on them, but they're stinkhorns?!

  17. omg I love those owls! And seriously, what is that??

    For Love of Cupcakes

  18. Beautiful shots and such an entertaining post. I love the lunch bags!

  19. All of the photos are fantastic! Wonderful light on the bloom, and your kitty is adorable!

  20. Gorgeous photos! The first two pictures are just breath taking to see..I don't know the second one, but it's remarkable!

  21. The first two photos are remarkable, and extraordinary!

  22. Love your lovely lemon blossom! It looks like an orchid..


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